Certified Education For Advanced Automation

FANUC America offers Certified Education Training (CERT) to qualifying high schools, community colleges, and universities. With FANUC America's educational products, students can learn to utilize the latest automation technology in robots, CNC, ROBODRILL, and integrated solutions while applying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. Some of the successful approaches used by educational institutions are:

  • Integration of advanced automation to teach design and manufacturing concepts
  • Creation of new courses and project-based activities to prepare students to work with robotic and CNC automation
  • Industry-based and credentialed learning for Career Technical Education programs
  • Integrate CERT program with career cluster curriculum
  • Apply industrial automation training to engineering technology curriculums
  • Add CERT programs to workforce retraining initiatives

Robotics For Education

Industrial robotics training in the classroom can safely be achieved through the CERT program. FANUC America provides the necessary training to the instructor as well as a curriculum to introduce students to robot applications including: integrated vision systems (iRVision), programming a logic controller, and using ROBOGUIDE simulation software. To accompany the CERT program, an eligible school can purchase a new innovative educational tooling package. With this package, students will utilize the same robots and software that are used in industry. Schools can use the new package to integrate robot training into their programs and initiatives.

CNC Training Solutions

FANUC America is partnering with educational/academic institutions across the country to develop programs, curriculums, software and teaching tools that provide students with the knowledge and skills that employers need. The goal of this program is to make students more marketable and valuable in the workplace by having the knowledge and skills needed to set up and run the most advanced CNC systems.

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Machine Tool Integration with FANUC ROBODRILL

FANUC ROBODRILL Machines are high-speed, highly precise and highly reliable. The-high speed cutting makes it very easy to quickly machine precision parts with high accuracy. The high reliability and long life of ROBODRILL machines are guaranteed due to its robust and uncomplicated construction. Because of its versatility, the FANUC ROBODRILL can be used in many different fields. The machine has been successfully used for high volume production in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • automotive
  • electronics
  • medical tools
  • implants
  • watches and jewelry
  • mold and tool making

CERT Schools

FANUC America works with over 500 educational institutions throughout the United States and Canada.

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