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FANUC has an automation solution for virtually any fulfillment application, including:

Decant & De-case | Mixed De-palletizing | Piece Picking | Induction | Palletizing | Sortation | Warehouse Automation

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CRX Cobot Lineup

See FANUC's Popular CRX Cobots

When you need an industrial cobot, look no further than FANUC. As the world’s leading cobot manufacturer, we offer a variety of high-precision cobot models. Whether you’re experienced with traditional industrial robots, or have yet to work with a robot arm, we have a cobot solution to work in your warehousing/fulfillment environment.

At Modex, our cobots will demonstrate:

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Order Fulfillment

FANUC CRX cobots combined a Locus AMR and Vision technology will demonstrate a highly flexible autonomous solution for order fulfillment that can be easily scaled up or down.

FANUC Power Motion i-Model A and CRX 10iA

Vertical Put Wall

FANUC’s Power Motion i Model A Plus (PMi-AP) will move a tool to random or user-specified locations on a put wall. Attendees can choose which bins to get items from and then the put wall tool pulls the sequence of bins from the put wall and moves them to a conveyor belt for the CRX to access the bin. When a wall bin arrives at the access point, a FANUC CRX-10iA will pick an item and place it in an order fulfillment bin. An order is fulfilled once an item has been picked from each selected wall bin. Once an order has been fulfilled, the put wall system will bring the bins back to the CRX access point. The CRX will then pick items from the order fulfillment bin and place them back into the appropriate put wall bins until each put wall bin has been restocked.

Automated Put Walls are easy to deploy and scale, helping warehouses and distribution centers improve productivity by increasing order fulfillment, and decreasing labor costs.

CRX-10iA Stress Ball Demo

CRX Interactive

A FANUC CRX-10iA demo showcases the cobot’s ease of use. Attendees can try the cobot’s intuitive hand guidance and simple Tablet TP programming with drag and drop icons.

LR-10iA10 Robot Card

FANUC LR-10iA/10 Robot: Vision-Guided Retail Induction

A FANUC LR-10iA/10 robot guided by an iRVision 3DV/400 vision sensor mounted over the work cell will pick various bagged clothing items from a tote and drop them onto a conveyor belt to demonstrate retail induction.

The system demonstrates the speed and accuracy of robotics in retail and logistics.

FANUC M710iD/50M

Automated Palletizing/Depalletizing with FANUC M-710iD/50M

The new FANUC M-710iD/50M, combined with two iRVision 3DV/1600 vision sensors and the FANUC iPC, will use the iPC’s AI Box Detection software to locate boxes within stock carts. Once located, the M-710iD/50M will depalletize boxes from one cart and utilize PalletTool to palletize them on the opposite cart. Once a cart is empty, the process will repeat by depalletizing and palletizing back to the original stock cart. The tall stock carts highlight the advantage provided by the M-710iD/50M’s curved arm.

FANUC’s AI-driven iPC enables high-performance advanced picking in challenging lighting conditions to ensure seamless, reliable depalletizing. iPC is a major benefit for this demonstration because the boxes have patterns that are difficult to segment and determine edge locations.

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