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Where There’s Automation There’s FANUC

Whether you are a small shop or a large assembly operation, FANUC has the automation technology to meet your needs.

See us at CMTS in Booth #1429 and discover how automation can help you improve accuracy and sustainability, increase efficiency, and maximize profits.

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Assembly with the CRX-10iA Cobot and Power Motion i-Model A

A CRX-10iA cobot with the Power Motion i-Model A (PMi-A) will simulate brake rotor assembly. The demonstration shows the versatility of the CRX cobot combined with the PMi-A, a high-performance and scalable general motion control supporting applications that require one to 32 axes.

CRX-10iA with PMiA Assembly System

FANUC CRX Cobots Full Line Up

FANUC’s CRX Collaborative Robots

FANUC’s CRX cobots are all easy to use and flexible solutions for companies looking to increase their capabilities and overcome labor issues.

The CRX cobots are extremely robust and able to run for up to eight years without maintenance. Interactive programming allows users to teach points using hand guidance or a Tablet TP with drag and drop icons.

High-Speed Tracking with SCARA Robot

The SR-3iA/U ceiling mount SCARA robot has a 3kg payload and 350 mm reach.

At CMTS, the SR-3iA/U will use iRVision 3DV and iRPickTool to pick various parts from a moving circular conveyor, move them to a 2D camera for inspection, then place them onto an outfeed conveyor into the appropriate Pass/Fail locations.



ROBODRILL Load/ Unload with a Collaborative Robot

A CR-15iA collaborative robot mounted to a mobile cart will use iRVision 3DV/400 to locate the machine and parts for efficient loading and loading.

FANUC’s ROBODRILL is a vertical machining center available in standard as well as advanced small, medium, and large models. The ROBODRILL offers versatility to handle a wide range of machining applications for large or small manufacturers.