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CRX Robot Card Graphic

Collaborative Robot Zone

FANUC has added three new models to its popular series of CRX cobots – all easy to use and flexible solutions for companies looking to increase their capabilities and overcome labor issues. Ideal for a variety of applications, including vision-guided assembly and inspection, machine tending, palletizing, and welding, the CRX offers FANUC’s world-renowned reliability, and can run for up to eight years without maintenance.

We now have 11 CR and CRX cobots including the newly redesigned CR-35iB cobot. Before heading to IMTS 2022, learn more:


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Being the world leader in CNC systems, robotics and ROBOMACHINEs, we’re committed to providing solutions that helps our customers achieve their goals. Whether you are a small shop or a large assembly operation, trust FANUC to provide a solution that will meet your needs.

See heavy lifting, material handling and painting robots for even the toughest tasks.


M-2000iA Robot Series

The strongest 6 axis robot on the market, the M-2000iA series comes with a handling capacity up to 2.3 t and a reach up to 4.7 m. Especially suitable for the automotive or metal industries, these heavy payload robots can lift products efficiently and safely - from railroad wheelsets, to tractor frames, to complete cars.


M-1000iA Robot

The M-1000iA’s serial-link construction allows a wider range of motion in every direction. With a 1000 kg payload, the new M-1000iA robot is capable of handling very heavy products including automotive components, construction materials and battery packs for electric vehicles.

R-2000 Spot Welding Demo 

R-2000 Robot Series

The R-2000 series is the most successful FANUC robot in the world. Featuring high performance capabilities and payload capacities ranging from 100 to 270 kg, it makes the perfect solution for multiple applications involving high payloads. Compact and high speed with a slim wrist and arm, the R-2000 is an all-rounder that is designed for all material handling applications and robotic spot welding.

Paint Robot Series - beauty shot 

Paint Robot Series

FANUC paint robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications, offer easy access, optimal work envelopes and maximized throughput. With some models designed to operate in hazardous environments, and a wide range of reaches and handling capacities to offer, whatever your painting or dispensing requirements you can be sure there is a FANUC paint robot to meet your needs.

See FANUC CNC Products designed to boost productivity and optimize operations!

FANUC CNC Series 30i-B Plus

Take your machine tools to the next level with FANUC CNC Series 30i-B Plus, enhanced for 5-axis operations and faster cycle times. FANUC’s Advanced CNC Series 30i/31i/32i-B Plus is the latest addition to our premium class of controls designed to maximize and simplify the operations of advanced machine tools. Get all the benefits of the Series 30i-B Plus CNCs’ predecessor and more.

FANUC CNC Series 0i-F Plus

The FANUC CNC Series 0i-F Plus provides the ideal solution for basic multiple control applications. The controls can be easily customized to maximize productivity on more specific applications using a wide range of additional functions. The FANUC CNC Series 0i-F Plus keeps its predecessor’s unbeatable performance and reliability but includes new user-friendly features!

CNC Retrofits

Retrofitting an aging CNC system with a new FANUC CNC will save long-term costs and boost the machine’s productivity while adding to the uptime, reliability, and efficiency. A CNC retrofit with FANUC’s products can help businesses meet changing manufacturing requirements and customers’ evolving demands.

FANUC helps take the complexity out of 5-axis machining

With up to 52 years of Machine Time Before Failure (MTBF), FANUC CNC Systems are not only the most reliable in the industry but are also powerful 5-axis controls with advanced functions for optimal 5-axis tool paths. FANUC works closely with all CAD/CAM manufacturers to ensure you can get the most out of your new 5-axis machine. FANUC’s packages, like the Machining Standard Package III (R372) for the 30iB series CNCs, take the guesswork out of selecting the proper functionality for a modern 5-axis machine. If you aren’t sure if you’re taking advantage of FANUC’s advanced capabilities, contact your FANUC representative and CAD/CAM/Post suppliers to verify.

Power Motion i-MODEL A - Multi-Axis Motion Controller

Power Motion i offers CNC & PLC technology to handle high-performance, complex motion control applications.

Digital Servo Adapter

The FANUC Digital Servo Adapter-Model B is a motion control device that enables the integration of a FANUC servo system with an existing, third-party control. Because a CNC is not built into the Digital Servo Adapter-Model B, a PC-based control or a PLC-based control is required to provide commands. The Digital Servo Adapter-Model B takes an existing motion controller, or something that’s more suited to a PC or a PLC, and allows you to use FANUC servo motors and amplifiers. Take advantage of the high performance and reliability of FANUC’s servo technology with the Digital Servo Adapter-MODEL B!

CNC Simulator & CNC Machining Simulator

The FANUC CNC Simulator brings the world’s most popular control right into your workplace training room, providing hands-on training for FANUC CNC operation without needing an entire machine. Add Machining Simulation Software to the CNC Simulator for advanced machine simulation capability!


NC Reflection Studio

FANUC NC Reflection Studio is a complete programming and simulation suite, offering program editing tools, G-code simulation, backplot and full-featured job setup. The advanced software uses machine models from machine tool builders or select CAM systems in addition to a virtualized FANUC CNC to create a digital twin. This provides powerful G-code and cutting simulation to boost machining and part programming efficiency by using the real CNC parameters and program.

AI Servo Monitor

See machine problems before they happen with FANUC’s new AI Servo Monitor. Through daily data collection and analysis, users get insight into any abnormalities detected on a machine equipped with a FANUC CNC.



Improve shop floor connectivity by monitoring operational and production data of your FANUC CNCs using a PC and an Ethernet connection with FANUC FASData shop floor data collection software. Easy to install and quick to deploy, FASData supports current and legacy FANUC CNCs that have either an Ethernet or HSSB connection option. FANUC CNCs with either of these connections are recognized by the system and their data points are configured automatically. Other devices that support OPC and MTConnect standard protocols can be added and configured with the user-friendly configuration tool.


MT-Link i

FANUC MT-LINK i and FANUC MT-LINK i Integration Server are fully scalable, out-of-the-box machine tool monitoring solutions that can monitor and manage data from one to two thousand machines. Operational and production data is monitored and collected using a PC and an Ethernet connection. A variety of data points are automatically collected, including alarm history, macro variables & signal history, servo/spindle motor currents & temperatures, battery & fan status, feed rate overrides and more.

Panel iH Pro Industrial PC

FANUC PANEL iH Pro is an industrial panel PC that can be used with the FANUC Series 30i-B or B-Plus and/or the 0iF Plus (Type 0) CNCs with the iHMI.


FANUC SCARA Robot Series

FANUC’s SCARA robots are designed to increase productivity in a number of industries including consumer goods, batteries and other auto components, plastics, lab automation, appliances and medical devices. The new SR-3iA/U ceiling mount SCARA robot has a 3kg payload and 350mm reach. It features a full 360-degree work envelope with no dead zones, meaning the robot can access any point within its reach.

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New FANUC LR-10iA/10 Robot

FANUC’s new LR-10iA/10 robot is designed for machine tending and many picking applications found in the warehousing and logistics markets. Weighing just 46 kg, the LR-10iA/10 robot mounts to the floor, upside down, or on an angle. It’s also very easy to mount the robot to an AGV or other mobile platform.

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New FANUC ROBODRILL Plus Vertical Machining Center

The new ROBODRILL Plus offers a wide range of advantages in terms of speed, performance, ease of use, and automation. Powered by the FANUC Plus Series 31i-B5 Control, the ROBODRILL Plus provides enhancements for 3, 4, and 5 axis operations to produce unbeatable cycle times.


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