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Digital Servo Adapter–MODEL B for Motion Control

The FANUC Digital Servo Adapter-Model B is a motion control device that enables the integration of a FANUC servo system with an existing, third-party control. Because a CNC is not built into the Digital Servo Adapter-Model B, a PC-based control or a PLC-based control is required to provide commands. The Digital Servo Adapter-Model B takes an existing motion controller, or something that’s more suited to a PC or a PLC, and allows you to use FANUC servo motors and amplifiers. Take advantage of the high performance and reliability of FANUC’s servo technology with the Digital Servo Adapter-MODEL B!

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Digital Servo Adapter Model B

Take advantage of FANUC's wide range of reliable, high-performance servo motors with FANUC Digital Servo Adapter Model B!


Digital Servo Adapter-MODEL B - Features and Benefits

More Options

Take advantage of FANUC’s wide range of servo motors.

Ease of Use

Standardize general motor applications on FANUC servo systems.

Flexible Protocol Choices

Works with analog commands, HSSB, EtherCAT and POWERLINK.

More Flexibility

Access the many synchronous and multi-amplifiers drive configurations.

Improved Operations

Have a common platform to assist with maintenance and parts.

The Digital Servo Adapter-MODEL B is perfect for many applications, such as:

  • Injection molding machines
  • Stamping presses
  • Precision automation
  • Converting hydraulic to electric servo system
  • ...And more!