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Automation and Robotics

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Recent Articles

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer Adds Automation to Grow Business

Kemco Aerospace Manufacturing case study tells how Kemco grew their business using automation and robotics from FANUC and Industrial Tool, Inc.

Training Manufacturing Workers of the Future

An inside look at how one technical college uses FANUC’s products to teach advanced automation skills.

Innovative and Reliable Paint Robots Built in the U.S.

A significant increase of domestic and global non-automotive customers are turning to paint robots to help improve quality and throughput while minimizing their assembly worker’s exposure to hazardous environments.

How Robotic Automation Impacts E-Commerce

The pandemic has caused an increased demand and a significant growth in e-commerce, as well as a quickly growing labor shortage. Robotics are now considered necessary tools to help companies not only meet, but exceed their customers’ needs.

Blow Molded Brine Tank Products Made in the US with the Help of FANUC Robots

Clack Corporation, a major manufacturer of water treatment components, turned to FANUC when deciding to automate their blow molding and packaging operations, leading to improved productivity, reduced costs and help with labor shortage.

Replenishment Solution for Fulfillment Automation

Decant is the process of removing items or inner packs from their original shipping containers and placing them into totes for automated storage systems that selectively move the totes to pickers and robots for order fulfillment.

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