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FANUC's Commitment to Sustainability

The natural beauty that surrounds FANUC’s headquarters at the foot of Mt. Fuji serves as a constant reason and reminder of our commitment to preserving the planet. From 1991, when the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry awarded us the First Global Environmental Award, to our ISO 14001 certification earned in 1999, FANUC has long made sustainability a part of our culture.

Looking ahead, FANUC continues to improve processes worldwide to reduce our footprint even further. The following goals have been set as benchmarks to help us become more environmentally friendly in the near future!


Carbon Neutral by 2050

FANUC aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from business activities and operations.


Reduce 10% Electricity Consumption by 2030

FANUC plans to cut electricity use as well as switch to renewable energy usage to meet this goal by the next decade.


Reduce Freshwater Usage by 2025

FANUC’s factories are finding ways to conserve freshwater usage as well as reuse production water, such as recirculating water used to cool equipment in the die-cast factory.


Reduce Packaging Materials Used

FANUC is working to find new ways to cut the amount of single-use packaging materials, such as limiting the use of steel cases during shipping of robots and ROBOMACHINES, and using more recyclable and reusable packaging materials.


100-Year Tree Restoration Plan

FANUC is converting the coniferous forests that were artificially planted at the headquarter’s campus at the base of Mt. Fuji. The goal is to turn them into a broad-leaf forest of trees, which are better suited to the area. This plan to regenerate the forest into a natural ecosystem began in 2015 and each year more trees are planted to continue the effort.


Develop and Promote Energy-Efficient Products

FANUC’s products use energy as efficiently as possible, which helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint. We are committed to continuing and improving the energy-saving features of our products as well as provide more products used in the growing EV industry.