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FANUC CNC Products Are Built for Reliability and Performance

FANUC develops cutting edge CNC and motion control systems for a wide range of applications - From basic high-volume, high-repetition commodity production, to unique, highly complex parts that require the highest precision and advanced machining techniques. We have controls, software, motion controllers, drives, motors, spindles and CNC simulators to meet all machining needs.

CNC 5 Axis Machining

5-Axis Machining

FANUC has the highest performance CNC platforms with advanced algorithms for optimal 5-axis machining.

5-axis Machining

CNC Retrofitting

To get the most out your operations, consider retrofitting your legacy machine tools with a full FANUC CNC System.

CNC Retrofitting

CNC Software Solutions

Whether you are looking to fully embrace IIoT with an enterprise-wide solution, want to simply monitor operational data or make programming and running a machine tool easier, FANUC offers software solutions to help you along the way.

CNC Software

CNC Systems - Precision Control and Reliability

FANUC offers a wide range of CNC Systems – from high-value systems for standard machining applications to high-performance controls capable of handling the most complex machining processes. With customizable function packages you’re getting the features you need without paying for ones you don’t.

CNC Systems


The FANUC Intelligent Human Machine Interface (iHMI) provides a simple, efficient and intuitive way to interact with a number of FANUC CNCs, including 30i/31i/32i-B, 30i/31i/32i-B Plus, and 0iF Plus.

FANUC PANEL iH Pro industrial pc

Industrial PCs

FANUC provides industrial PCs for various purposes. Designed with the latest PC technology, they provide a powerful platform for custom developments.

Industrial PCs
CNC Power Motion Lineup

Motion Controllers - FANUC CNC for General Motion

Get the performance and reliability of a FANUC CNC for your general motion applications. FANUC Power Motion i- MODEL A has a built-in ultra-fast PLC processor can process up to five ladder logic programs simultaneously with 24,000-300,000 steps. Suitable for a wide range of general motion applications including winding machines, wire saws, gantry loaders, die cushions, presses, multi-axis positioning systems, large robotic table positioning, wing riveting machines and polishing machines.

Motion Controllers

Servo Drive Systems - Motors & Drives

FANUC motors and drives can power your machines through your greatest challenges. FANUC offers the widest variety of motors, paired precisely with highly reliable amps to keep your machines running at their best at all times. High resolution encoders, paired with and the latest SERVO and SPINDLE HRV Control combine to deliver our Nano Control Servo system for high speed, high precision and high efficiency.

Servo Drive Systems
FANUC Machining Simulator

CNC Simulators for the Classroom or Training Room

Bring FANUC CNC systems into the classroom or training room so students or employees can learn operations and maintenance on genuine FANUC equipment. From CNC Simulators and Machining Simulators for set-up and programming instruction to customizable Hardware Simulators, for engineering development and maintenance training purposes. So whether you are setting up a classroom or developing a maintenance training program, FANUC simulators can provide the hands-on experience to ensure you get a real FANUC experience.

CNC Simulators
CNC Classroom

CNC Training - In Class or Online

Are you are looking to get the most out of your FANUC controls and your machine tools? FANUC has the training you need. Whether you are just starting out and want to hit the ground running, or are an experienced machinist, FANUC has courses to help take your productivity to the next level.

CNC Training
CNC Machine being serviced

CNC Support & Service

From parts sales to technical help to field service, FANUC has you covered. As the only FANUC-authorized repair provider in the Americas, FANUC has the experience team, knowledge and skills to get your machine tool back up and running fast. Backed by our Service First philosophy, we offer lifetime support for all FANUC products as long as they are in use.

CNC Service & Support