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  • 700 kg
  • 2832 mm
  • 6

Enhanced Wrist Load Capacity

The new M-900iB/700E robot is the latest model in the M-900 series of heavy-duty robots with payload capacities ranging from 280-700kg. The six-axis M-900iB/700E offers an enhanced wrist load capacity, large work envelope, a 700kg payload and long 2832mm reach.



More Wrist Capabilities to Handle Heavy Parts

An enhanced wrist load capacity means that the robot offers more rigidity and force to efficiently handle, stack, load or unload large and heavy parts such as EV batteries, construction components, and metal fabrications.


Ultra heavy payload processing

Boasting the heaviest payload capacity of the range, this model will lift up to 700 kg within an 2832 mm envelope.

Excellent accuracy and rigidity

Suitable for constant force applications such as routing, cutting, polishing, deburring.


Heavy-duty drilling with robots

The M-900iB/700E is suited to high force drilling operations on workpieces such as windmill wings or aerospace parts.

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Rigid body enables stable transferring of large work pieces

Ideally suited to the EV Battery, steel, foundry, automotive, plastics, beverages and construction industries.



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  • 6
  • 700 kg
  • 0.1 mm
  • Floor
  • 2832 mm