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End-to-End Process Automation and Optimization

Unlock the keys to a more efficient and cost-effective workflow with FANUC’s robotics, automation and machining products and tie it all together with FANUC’s IIoT solutions.

Please reach out to our aerospace industry experts to help you take advantage and properly phase in technology that can significantly improve aerospace manufacturing processes.

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Trust the Industry Leader to Boost Your Efficiency, Precision, and Quality

"Without the relationship with FANUC, we wouldn’t have been able to drag this industry forward,” says Todd Rudberg, project manager for Electroimpact, a world leader in design and manufacturing of aerospace tooling and automation.Learn more about how FANUC partnered with Electroimpact to provide the automation elements needed to serve its aerospace customers.

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Triumph Aerospace Boosts Production by Retrofitting with New FANUC CNC

Microtrol Engineering turned to FANUC when tasked with retrofitting the Cincinnati Milacron machines used by Triumph Aerospace. With new FANUC controls, Triumph has experienced reduced processing times, minimized risk of errors and damages, and improved production.

Kemco Aerospace Automates CNC Machine Tending to Grow Business

Kemco’s new automated process using a FANUC robot to tend three machine tools equipped with FANUC CNCs increased efficiency and production resulting in new business.

FANUC Helps Electroimpact Elevate the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Electroimpact partnered with FANUC to propel Automated Fiber Placement forward and transform the aerospace industry.

5-axis machining

FANUC CNC controls’ advanced algorithms and capabilities can significantly reduce your setup times, machining cycle times and eliminate post-processes to finish the part. Please review our 5-axis page for more information.


FANUC’s reputation for creating the most reliable manufacturing products that are all supported forever with no obsolescence is unmatched. Our industry leading reliability and lifetime support are invaluable for the lengthy aerospace manufacturing lifecycle.


FANUC’s expertise and product lines can help meet the variable requirements for large scale aerospace manufacturing. This includes flexible robotic solutions and simplified machine programming.


FANUC’s precision algorithms across the entire FANUC product line can help achieve any required process accuracy. For machining, interpolation occurs at the nanometer level. Using vision systems and force control, robot applications can achieve process accuracy an order of magnitude greater than the raw mechanical accuracy.

Ease of Use

FANUC’s iHMI provides a consistent and intuitive way to operate and service all the most advanced products from our product solutions.


FANUC has the highest quality service and support resources available 24/7, everywhere there is FANUC equipment. When you need our help, we are always available and ready to assist.

Machine tending

Machine load/unload as well as post-machining processes like deburring/edge break and inspection can all be automated.

Paint and Coatings

Automating the paint process can provide significant weight and cost reduction for aerospace.


Everything in an airplane is sealed – FANUC has automated solutions to simplify the process and make it more consistent.

Flexible Tooling

Aerospace has a wide variety of very large parts – rather than large and expensive fixed tooling, flexible tooling can accommodate various parts and save significant space.

High accuracy drilling/riveting

Adding advanced vision and force sensing capabilities to our high accuracy and high rigidity robots can achieve process accuracies for the critical assembly steps beyond the most critical tolerance applications.

Collaborative assist applications

Automation doesn’t have to replace a human worker. FANUC’s collaborative robots can become a critical tool to assist manual operations.


Trust the Industry Leader to Automate and Achieve Your Production Goals

Authorized System Integrator Steven Douglas Corporation (SDC) designed and built an automated system to help a leading plastics and injection molding company unload and de-flash complex parts. The robot controls the angle of the file, the applied force and the feed rate to produce repeatable results. Robotic automation has helped this customer achieve their production goals by streamlining their manufacturing process with consistent results.

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CNC Panel

Lifetime Support

With FANUC’s Service First commitment, we offer lifetime support on all of our products and services.

Do not fear obsolescence. With the largest install base in the industry—over 5 million CNCs, 25 million servo motors and 1,000,000 industrial robots installed worldwide—our people have the knowledge and knowhow to help you get the most out of your operations. With 25 regional offices in North America as well as strategically located facilities throughout the world, we are in the field ready to assist.

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