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Robots for Fabricated Metals and Manufacturing

We excel in applications like arc welding, laser welding and cladding, thick section resistance welding, friction spot joining, plasma cutting, and laser cutting with standard packaged solutions and custom turnkey systems.

Automation Solutions for Fabricated Metal Manufacturing

FANUC America brings its world-class reliability and innovative automation solutions to metal fabricators with welding, cutting and punching technologies to increase throughput and build up your bottom line. FANUC delivers the industry’s leading reliability and performance in the dusty, high-vibration environment of even the most challenging metal fabrication shop.

Whether you’re a large metal fabricator or small job shop, FANUC America and our Authorized System Integrators offer the world’s most reliable robots and automation combined with industry expertise to solve the toughest production challenge. Rely on FANUC for a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use automated solution.

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CNCs for Metal Fabrication

CNC machines used in metal fabrication produce components with more precision and speed than manual processes. FANUC offers a number of CNC options to deliver the best performance and reliability.

Robotic Applications for Metal Fabrication Companies

Using FANUC robots in your fabricated metal production will provide you with the flexibility, efficiency, and predictability you need to optimize your operations.

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Welding & Joining

Throughout the fabrication process, welding and joining applications are often essential for sturdy assembly during the creation of a metal product. With robotics from FANUC, you’ll achieve effective, precise welds that hold fast.

Arc Welding

FANUC arc welding robots are equipped with smart technology including sensors and ArcTool software to promote maximized productivity and quality with your welds.

Spot Welding

Use FANUC spot welding technology to grant your metal fabrication shop the ability to achieve more consistent welds, access difficult locations, and improve cost efficiency, all while using less floor space.


Achieve high-precision, high-efficiency cuts for your fabrication needs with the use of FANUC cutting robots.

Forming & Assembly

Form sheet metal into essential components and finished products with consistent, repeatable results when you integrate FANUC robots into your operations.

Machine Tending

Keep your fabrication shop operating smoothly with automated machine tending robots from FANUC. When you automate machine tending processes, you’ll save time on tasks such as:

  • Product sorting
  • Tool changes
  • Part removal
  • Cleaning
  • Quality control
  • Inspections
  • And more

Material Handling

Whether you work with structural metal fabrication or sheet metal fabrication, you’ll meet your material handling needs with robotic solutions from FANUC. Moving heavy materials can be dangerous and require large amounts of time and energy; automating this process will allow you to more efficiently, easily, and safely maneuver your materials around your shop.

Inspection & Measuring

Automated inspection and measuring solutions from FANUC ensure the components of your fabrications consistently meet quality standards. Simple installation and operation makes it easy to integrate vision inspection systems for faster, more accurate, and more reliable quality assurance.

Material Removal, Surface Treatment & Finishing

From grinding and deburring to sanding and polishing, our robots are equipped to fulfill your finishing needs with high accuracy and repeatable results. Eliminate health hazards and improve overall fabrication quality by automating these processes.

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How Metal Fabrication Robots Are Making Waves

Automating critical elements of your metal fabrication shop is a cost-effective way to achieve optimal precision, efficiency, and productivity.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

This process typically takes sheet metal and, through processes such as cutting, forming, and assembly, transforms the material into various metal fabrication products. Sheet metal fabrication can be a cost-effective alternative to the casting process, especially for parts that are hollow or flat.

Even with custom sheet metal fabrication processes, less material is wasted compared to other part production methods. Automated fabrication of sheet metal can cut costs and improve efficiency even further.

Sheet metal fabricated parts are often essential in industries such as:

  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy

Custom Metal Fabrication

When it comes to fabricating custom parts, our robots are equipped to consistently meet your requirements regarding size, shape, design, quantity, and more.

Whether you are working with small part casting or fabricating entire pieces of equipment, integrated metal fabrication robots reduce your margin for error and improve productivity.

CNC Metal Fabrication

The use of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines provides your shop with cutting-edge precision machining and higher performance. Enhance the surface quality and cost-effectiveness of your metal fabrication operations with CNC machines and robots that meet your needs.

Cobots For Fabrication Solutions

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Industries That Rely On Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

The need for specialized parts is abundant in a number of industries. When you automate your fabricated structural metal manufacturing processes with robots and CNC solutions from FANUC, you’ll benefit from improved efficiency, precision, speed, and reliability no matter what parts you’re manufacturing.


Precision and durability are among the most important qualities for fabricated aerospace parts. Automate fabrication processes to ensure product accuracy and quality.


Supplying the agriculture industry with high-quality, long-lasting components and machines is critical for ensuring the global food supply chain is operational. Automated fabrication processes can fulfill the industry’s needs for operations such as planting, harvesting, shipping, and more.


As one of the largest industries that utilizes fabricated metal products, the automotive industry requires precision machining to manufacture essential vehicle components as well as prototypes, body restructuring, and frame repairs.

Alternative Energy

The alternative energy industry relies heavily on metal fabricated parts for generating solar, wind, and geothermal energy. From solar panels and wind turbines to corrosion-resistant underground pipes, this industry benefits from efficient fabrication granted by automation.

Medical Devices and Equipment

Manufacturing small parts for medical devices and equipment requires the utmost precision and accuracy. By automating the metal fabrication process for shops that manufacture these parts, our systems can enhance your performance and ensure the products meet quality standards.

Other Industries

Fabricated metal parts are often used in the construction, energy, and defense industries, as well.

Metal Fabricated Products

Because metal fabrication is a versatile process, shops can manufacture virtually any product or part that uses sheet metal. However, some of the most common applications are listed below.

Car Parts

Components for vehicle construction, modification, and repair are often fabricated. Automated solutions make it easy for fabrication shops to ensure quality, precision, and consistency in the manufacturing of parts such as:

  • Custom body parts and frames
  • Hoods
  • Doors
  • Fenders
  • Floor or roof panels

Industrial Equipment

With CNC machining, the production of fabricated parts and equipment is made more efficient and precise, reducing the risk of costly, dangerous errors. From manufacturing individual parts to assembling heavy-duty vehicles, this industry benefits from the reliability and consistency afforded by automated metal fabrication.

Pipes and Fittings

Regardless of what they’re transporting, it’s critical for pipes to be properly manufactured to reduce the risk of leaks or spills. Using robots and CNC technology to fabricate metal pipes and fittings ensures optimal performance and safety during assembly and after installation.

Metal Frames for Windows and Doors

Fabricated metal frames can be custom-made to fit any opening, minimizing wasted materials and improving security. These frames are often fabricated to be more durable and precise, and their construction benefits from automated processes to ensure quality.

Traditional Metal Fabrication Tools Vs FANUC Robots


Metal fabrication typically involves a combination of cutting, forming, welding, and assembling processes. Manually fabricating metal products is a dangerous, time-consuming, and costly endeavor.

A CNC metal fabrication factory or shop benefit from numerous advantages resulting from automation, including:

  • Improved worker safety
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Enhanced precision and accuracy
  • Higher standards of consistency and repeatability
  • Fewer mistakes and errors
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Less waste

Automated Adaptive Welding System

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How Automation Benefits Your Metal Fabrication Shop

With metal fabrication industrial automation, your shop can achieve the aforementioned benefits that coincide with improved employee performance, customer satisfaction, and information-based operations.

Employee Morale and Retention

By adopting CNC machine tending and robotics for fabrication, you will reduce the risk of injury on the job for your employees while also limiting strain on your workforce by delegating tedious, high-precision tasks to machines. In doing so, you also improve the safety of your shop, thereby boosting the morale of your employees and demonstrating your commitment to their performance and well-being.

Customer Approval and Loyalty

When you automate fabrication processes, you increase your shop’s levels of productivity, efficiency, and repeatability. Consistently delivering on your customers’ projects in a timely fashion and with minimal errors will bolster your reputation, resulting in improved customer relations that may even encourage advocacy and referrals.

Data and Analytics Availability

Another benefit of automation in your metal fabrication shop is an enhanced ability to collect and analyze relevant data. By integrating FANUC CNC products and software solutions, you will be able to more effectively monitor operational data, giving you opportunities to address inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions to improve your bottom line.