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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing | Automation & Robotics for EV Production

While consumers have time to consider switching from combustion to an electric vehicle, manufacturers have to prepare their automation strategy today for the future. FANUC America has automated more processes in the manufacturing of the internal combustion engine and vehicle assembly process than any other automation company. We're leading the way in the EV market as well. Automating the production process of battery cells is a high priority for vehicle manufacturers and no one has more experience than FANUC.

Electric drivetrains and smart manufacturing systems have unlimited potential to automate vehicle production. While EV’s have fewer mechanical parts, the evolutions requires a large number of new electronic components, including the most expensive part of the vehicle – the electric battery.

Cylindrical Battery Pack Automation

Stator and Armature Production

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FANUC's Industry Expertise is Unmatched.

The flexibility of automation has long been embraced by the automotive industry - and the future of the automotive industry is electric. The strategy to utilize the flexibility won’t change with the switch from ICE to EV. Automation is as essential to EV production as it was to ICE. FANUC has been at the forefront of EV production as it was with the development of ICE. Bottom line: Nobody has more experience and expertise than FANUC.

Infographic: Are electric vehicles closer to mainstream production than we think?


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Robotic Automation is the Ideal Solution

No one has more experience automating EV than FANUC. We are the only manufacturer with a globally-dedicated propulsion group, proven engineering expertise, and solutions to support every EV application. Our support network includes expansive regional facilities in North and South America, as well as the largest network of line builders and Authorized System Integrators in the industry.

How FANUC is Automating the EV Market

As EV models become more popular, electric vehicle production demands evolution. For all types of electric vehicles, production and assembly require precision and efficiency. Integrating FANUC automation solutions into the electric vehicle value chain allows manufacturers of EV parts to:

  • Optimize processes
  • Reduce error margins
  • 3-axis milling / 2 axis turning system plus one spindle
  • USB, Flash ATA and ethernet connectivity
  • Power: AC 100-240V

Power | Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery Production

The manufacturing, assembly, and production of EV lithium-ion batteries requires several automation processes to transform the product from individual cells into battery modules. FANUC’s broad range of products will give EV car battery manufacturers the flexibility to optimize their processes with the power and precision manufacturers have trusted from FANUC since the start of ICE manufacturing.

Whether the batteries are flat or cylindrical, FANUC automation can handle the array of application tasks – including assembly, dispensing, screw driving, and applications necessary for modular electric vehicle battery assembly processes associated with the production of lithium ion battery packs.

Production of Electric Battery Inverters & Other Battery Accessories

The production of lithium-ion battery packs, for electric vehicles, is only part of the process. Electric vehicle manufacturers must also account for the production and assembly of essential battery parts, such as inverters, skateboards, and cooling features.

Electric Battery Inverter Production

Electric battery inverters convert direct current (DC) energy into alternating current (AC) to provide power to a device. For electric vehicles, the inverter is a crucial component that allows the redirection of power to internal devices.

Electric Battery Skateboard Assembly and Production

The automotive skateboard chassis is a space-efficient and cost-effective element of electric vehicles, making it possible to fit the bodies of different types of EVs to the same frame model. Optimizing the production of the EV skateboard with robots and automated solutions can only improve the efficiency of production and reduce extraneous labor costs.

Battery Cooling Hose & Tray Assembly

Ensuring effective thermoregulation is a critical part of manufacturing electric vehicles. Manufacturing and assembly battery cooling trays and hoses benefits from the standardization and flexibility afforded by integrated automation solutions.

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