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Multi Axis Motion Controller - FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A

Power Motion i MODEL A offers powerful CNC and PLC technology together to handle complex motion control applications. Designed for a wide range of complex general motion applications involving multiple axes, paths, speeds and torque controls, Power Motion i is more versatile and cost effective than just a PLC. Up to 5 ladder logic programs can be executed at the same time for a total of 24,000 to 300,000 steps. It’s the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial applications from presses and stamping to winding and filling machines.

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FANUC Power Motion i on Gudel Gantry

FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A controls a Güdel gantry with two 3-axis ZP3 modules on a single rail. This configuration can be used for various types of material handling applications such as palletizing and machine tending. Each path on the system has horizontal and vertical axes and a wrist for payload rotation of 360 degrees.


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FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A Multi-Axis Motion Controller - Features and Benefits

Multiple Display Units

Power Motion i is available as an LCD-mounted or stand-alone CNC. The LCD-mounted has a compact design and minimal wiring. The stand-alone has a single display, which can be interfaced with up to 8 standalone Power Motion i controls via Ethernet.

Plug & Play

Ready to use with an integrated software package, Power Motion i features plug-and-play technology and connects to your machine using a minimum of cabling.

Portable Options

Available with an iPendant and HMOP handhelds offering maximum flexibility. The iPendant, with or without a touchscreen, is ideal for teaching or operations requiring close proximity. The HMOP, designed for easy jogging, has a two-line display with an optional handwheel.

Programming Choices

The PLC is programmed by FANUC Ladder with time-saving function blocks. In order to program the CNC, you can choose between ISO programming or teach programming as a robot.

Easy Customization

Highly customizable display units with one or two 10’’ or 15’’ screens, touch or non-touch, and a number of different options provide endless machine design possibilities.

Modular System

With a system of hardware, software, drives and support from FANUC, choose the entire package or just what’s needed for the application.

Multi-Axis Motion Control - Key Features

  • Fast synchronized motion application for up to 32 axes and 4 CNC paths.
  • Up to 4 CNC paths and 5 PLC programs supported simultaneously.
  • Integrated high-speed multipath and multi-PLC.
  • Easy to create customized screens with FANUC Picture.
  • Electronic CAM function.
  • Versatile connectivity.