Case Studies

FANUC customers share their experience operating, building, retrofitting and automating with FANUC products.

Latest Case Studies

Robotic Polishing System Helps Manufacture Quality Guitar Hardware

Hipshot Products, a leading guitar and bass hardware manufacturer in Interlaken, NY, faced ongoing labor and production challenges in their polishing operation. They collaborated with FANUC’s Authorized System Integrator, Adaptec Solutions, to integrate a robotic solution to polish their patented Bass Xtender key. This automation improved consistency, quality, and eliminated the need for manual operation.

Rural Manufacturer Facing Welder Shortage Turns to FANUC’s Arc Welding Robots for Fabrication

The Will-Burt Co. uses FANUC automated welding robots integrated by FANUC ASI Weldbot to address welder shortages, control costs, improve welds and stay competitive in a global marketplace.  

Robots Enhance Efficiency at Millennium Recycling

Millennium Recycling, founded in 1999 in Sioux Falls, SD, is a leading material recovery facility (MRF). Faced with a labor shortage and increased business demands, they partnered with Waste Robotics, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator. Waste Robotics not only delivered an efficient automation solution, but they also demonstrated adaptability, responsiveness, and an unwavering commitment to keeping Millennium Recycling’s operations running smoothly.

Automation Helps Seibel Modern Successfully Tackle Large Welding Project

Seibel Modern, headquartered in Lancaster, NY is a leading supplier of industrial and custom welding services. Recently, they secured a significant contract to weld fencing for a major bridge project. To enhance efficiency, they turned to FANUC’s Authorized System Integrator, Properly Works. The CRX-10iA/L welding cobot plays a pivotal role, and a graphically illustrated flagging system ensures production stays on track. Notably, touch-up work decreased by 50%, and Seibel Modern looks forward to future automation projects with Properly Works.

Vickers Engineering Thrives: FANUC Automation Fuels Competitive Edge

Vickers Engineering, based in New Troy, Michigan, is a leader in precision machining and assembly, committed to using technology to push the boundaries of manufacturing. Vickers first implemented FANUC robots in 2006 to relieve operators from doing a physically demanding operation. From that point, Vickers and its team fully engaged in automation to take on high-speed and repetitive tasks that has helped them achieve production goals and grow the business. Vickers recently entered a new chapter in their automation journey by integrating a FANUC CRX with a ROBODRILL machining center. This new technology has quickly helped Vickers improve efficiency and reliability in their machine tending area.

MDS Enhances Efficiency and Quality with Robotic Welding Solution

MDS Manufacturing Company Inc., a fabricator based in Parkston, SD has transformed its operations, elevating part quality, boosting output, and achieving precise lead time predictions—all attributed to the implementation of Acieta’s cutting-edge FastARC® 2HT welding solution that includes a FANUC arc welding robot.  By automating sub-assembly welds, employees can now focus on more intricate tasks.  The FastARC 2HT has not only met but exceeded MDS’ expectations.

High-Mix, Low Volume Prototype Shop Achieves Lights-Out Manufacturing with Robotic Automation

KAD Models acquired two automated CNC machine tending systems using the FANUC M-710i/50 and R-1000/100F robots to ensure fast turnaround times for prototype manufacturing.

St. James Winery Boosts Efficiency with Robotic Automation

St. James Winery, a prominent wine producer in the U.S., faced growth challenges due to increased demand and a shortage of available labor. Seeking a solution, they turned to MMCI Automation, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator. MMCI swiftly designed and installed an automated solution featuring a FANUC M-410iC palletizing robot. The system now efficiently fulfills orders, allowing employees to focus on higher-skilled tasks.

FANUC Cobot Allows Potato Producer to Overcome Labor Shortage

Magic Valley Produce, based in Paul, ID has been a leading producer of potatoes for six decades. Labor challenges on its palletizing line prompted the company to explore automation. With limited floorspace for robotics, they turned to the system integration experts at WeAssistBots, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, to design a solution to palletize heavy cases of potatoes.

Welding Cobot Helps Diamond Doors Onshore Hinge Production

Diamond Doors, based in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada produces bi-fold doors for a variety of industries including aviation, agriculture, and industrial markets.  After years of producing door hinges offshore, the company wanted a solution to bring production in-house.

FANUC Drives Green Hydraulic Power’s Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Solution

Green Hydraulic Power uses FANUC’s CNC and servos to power an environmentally friendly system that delivers hydraulic pressure only when needed, which generates less heat, uses up to 70% less energy, reduces noise emissions by up to 20 decibels and is Industry 4.0 ready.

Smoker Craft Speeds Up Pontoon Production with Robotic Welding

Smoker Craft, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of recreational boats, partnered with Guide Engineering, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, to implement a new robotic system to weld pontoon components and assemblies.

Nature Fresh Farms Revolutionizes Tomato Harvesting with Robots & AI

Nature Fresh Farms, one of North America’s leading greenhouse farms, recently implemented an automated solution to harvest tomatoes.  Now, with the help of robotics and AI, they can meet increasing customer orders and overcome labor challenges.

CRX Cobot Welding Automation Ramps Up Pitts & Spitts’ Grill Production

Significant growth prompted Pitts & Spitts to consider automation to produce its industry-leading line of smokers and grills. Today, with the help of a FANUC CRX Cobot, Pitts & Spitts is able to meet production volumes and looks forward to implementing more automation to accommodate future expansion.

FANUC CNCs Help MJC Engineering Build Hydrogen Equipment on Time

FANUC CNCs, motors and drives helped a domestic machine builder supply equipment critical for Japan’s hydrogen energy strategy.

Robotic Automation Speeds Up Lion Electric’s EV Battery Production

Over the past several years, demand for Lion Electric’s products has skyrocketed. To keep pace with their rapid growth, they partnered with JR Automation, a Hitachi group company, for an automated solution that would allow them to quickly scale up their manufacturing capabilities. 

Modern CNC with User-Friendly Interface Helps Custom Dies Shop Succeed

Bigger Romi Machine Tool with upgraded FANUC controls allows a family-owned machine shop to please customers and expand their business.

CRX Cobot & AI Solve Sanding Challenges for Performance Composites

After years of contemplating automation, Performance Composites, Inc. in Compton, California, looked to GrayMatter Robotics for a robotic solution to sand fiberglass and composite products used for the transportation industry - primarily buses, trains, and trucks.

Freres Engineered Wood Boosts Throughput and Quality with FANUC Robots

Wood product manufacturer uses robots to boost quality and throughput.

Zippy Ice Speeds Up Bagging with Robotic Palletizing

Rapid growth and retiring employees prompted Zippy Ice to consider using automation for its ice packaging operations. They turned to MMCI Automation, a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, to provide an automated solution to palletize bags of ice.

FloraCraft Automates Packaging Lines with Robots for Faster Growth

Increasing growth prompted FloraCraft to innovate its manual packaging lines. They partnered with Brenton, (ProMach product brand) a leader in designing and manufacturing integrated end of line packaging systems to automate its processing and packaging lines.

Robotic CNC Machine Tending Automation Increases Production and ROI

Automated machine tending FANUC ROBODRILLs with FANUC robots helped boost production and efficiency during a labor shortage.

Automotive Supplier Cuts Costs with Robot Laser Cutting Automation

WKW North America, a Tier 1 automotive supplier, selected Shape Process Automation to provide an automated solution to help streamline and accelerate their production processes.

Transocean Automates for Safer, More Efficient Offshore Operations

FANUC Robots have helped Transocean maximize efficiency, improve consistency, and move workers out of potentially dangerous Red Zone areas.

FANUC CRX Cobot Powers Lights-Out Production at Athena 3D

Athena Achieves Lights-Out Production with FANUC CRX Cobot

Panel i Replacements Transform United Grinding’s Legacy Grinders

United Grinding began upgrading their customers’ legacy controls using FANUC’s Panel i Replacement Program.

TEMCO Tool Achieves Throughput Increase with FANUC’s IoT Platform

TEMCO Tool began using FANUC’s MT-Linki for automated machine tool data collection and analysis. After just a few months of installing MT-Linki, production throughputs have nearly doubled and the company is now able to make more bids and gain more business.

STOBER Integrates FANUC IoT Software & Training to Boost Operations

The Kentucky manufacturer, STOBER Drives, uses FANUC IoT Software and CNC training tools to keep its operations competitive.

Closure Systems International Automates Material Handling to Boost OEE

Global Cap Manufacturer uses FANUC Robots to Solve Labor Challenges and Boost OEE.

Wilson Manufacturing Uses FANUC CNCs for Increased Precision & Output

Wilson Manufacturing has drastically improved the precision and efficiency of their sharpening processes with a custom-built automated solution from FANUC.

FANUC CNCs & Robots Power Advanced Machining at Vickers Engineering

Vickers Engineering has leveraged automation to enhance their processes and become a competitive powerhouse in the precision machining industry.

Kyocera SGS Increases Productivity with New FANUC CNCs & Robots

When KYOCERA wanted to rebuild their older machines, they tapped United Grinding, who equipped them with FANUC controls and robots to improve their precision, productivity, and processing speeds.

Tasteful Selections’ Bite-Sized Success Automating Baby Potato Packing

Tasteful Selections leverages FANUC robotics for a cleaner, safer, and more productive work environment.

FANUC CNC & Robot Powers Moore's Ideal Products’ Lights-Out Production

MIP utilizes FANUC controls to power a 12-axis machine that produces consistent, precision tool parts, increasing productivity by more than 300%.

Triumph Aerospace Boosts Production by Retrofitting with New FANUC CNC

Microtrol Engineering turned to FANUC when tasked with retrofitting the Cincinnati Milacron machines used by Triumph Aerospace. With new FANUC controls, Triumph has experienced reduced processing times, minimized risk of errors and damages, and improved production.

FANUC CNCs Drive High-Precision Machining at Lincoln Park Boring Co.

Lincoln Park Boring Co. invested in a new boring-mill machine from Fives with a FANUC control to hold tighter tolerances and accommodate rapid travel rates for faster machining.

Last Arrow Increases Profits & Employee Satisfaction with Cobot Welding

With the integration of welding cobots from FANUC, Last Arrow Manufacturing has achieved higher profits, improved employee satisfaction, and more flexibility in their production.

Kemco Aerospace Automates CNC Machine Tending to Grow Business

Kemco’s new automated process using a FANUC robot to tend three machine tools equipped with FANUC CNCs increased efficiency and production resulting in new business.

JTEKT Boosts Assembly with FANUC Robots Machine Tending

Integrating FANUC robots into JTEKT’s production lines increased their productivity and efficiency while reducing waste and labor needs for optimal performance.

General Motors Automates Body Plug Insertion with FANUC Robots

A longtime partner of FANUC, General Motors uses FANUC technology to automate strenuous processes, improve quality control, and increase productivity in the plug insertion process.

FANUC Training Equip Students for Future Manufacturing Jobs

Gateway Technical College uses FANUC CNC and robotics training tools to produce a highly skilled workforce to install, operate and maintain advanced automation solutions.

FANUC Cobots Save Production Space and Costs at Flex-N-Gate

In their production of car bumpers, FANUC Cobots have helped Flex-N-Gate cut costs, improve product quality, and minimize downtime with easy-to-learn technology and lifetime support.

Excalibur Tool Makes Reliable CNC Machines with FANUC Technology

Machine tool builder Excalibur Tool has integrated FANUC robots, and CNC controls into their grinding machines for optimal efficiency, consistency, and overall performance.

FANUC Helps Electroimpact Elevate the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Electroimpact partnered with FANUC to propel Automated Fiber Placement forward and transform the aerospace industry.

Delta Wheel Truing’s Portable CNC Lathe Increases Safety for Trains

By integrating FANUC CNC controls into their portable wheel lathe for the rail industry, Delta Wheel Truing improved the quality, precision, and consistency of their product’s performance.

C.R. Onsrud Provides Automated CNC Solutions to Boost RV Door Production

FANUC controls have served C.R. Onsrud well in providing cutting-edge CNC solutions to manufacturing facilities. With C.R. Onsrud’s automation manufacturing solutions, Lippert Components has improved their production efficiency, speed, and quality.

Cox Manufacturing Uses FANUC Controls for Reliability and Consistency

Cox Manufacturing can produce higher-quality parts in higher volumes than their competitors across 80+ machines with the use of FANUC CNC controls.

FANUC Cobots Ramp Up Clack Corp’s Water Softener Parts Production

FANUC robots have made it easy for Clack to automate manual processes and improve the precision and efficiency of manufacturing parts for water treatment systems.

Precision CNC Machining & Robotics Solutions Deliver Efficiency

With FANUC robots, Camcraft and Matrix are able to reach high production goals, reduce inefficiencies, and improve the quality of their end products.

OEM Bourn & Koch Upgrades Legacy CNC Machines with FANUC

Bourn & Koch simplifies their engineering with FANUC controls for the standardized and streamlined operation of their machines.

Noble Plastics Automates to Achieve Consistent, Reliable Processes

With FANUC robots and automation technology, Noble Plastics has achieved higher standards of precision, accuracy, repeatability, and reliability for their customers.