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Automation Solutions for Consumer Goods Manufacturing

The consumer goods industry is facing challenges to improve operational efficiencies. FANUC America Corporation provides industry-leading robots, CNC’s, and factory automation solutions. Together with our authorized system integration partners for packaging applications, we help consumer goods customers increase their market competitiveness and sustainability.

consumer goods manufacturing robots 

Dynamic Production Systems

BOS Innovations' production system is quick, dynamic, and precise. The production begins in the work cell where there are two different part variations that need to go through multiple operations. Using FANUC automated systems improved part cut quality and dimensions, and reduced to overall cost to produce these parts.

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BOS Innovations Laser Cutter & Automated Production

Courtesy of BOS Innovations

Varied Picking

Bastian Solution's fully automated robotic order fulfillment operation is smart, fast, and accurate. It can handle a wide variety of product shapes, sizes and surfaces using advanced AI software, machine vision, and intuitive end-of-arm-tool technologies.

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Smartpick Robotic Order Fulfillment

Courtesy of Bastian Solutions

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