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Automation Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas, steam, nuclear, hydroelectric and wind power generation systems require parts machined with incredible precision and durability that can survive in unpredictable, hostile environments on land or at sea. Parts are typically machined from difficult-to-cut materials and/or present special challenges due to their exceptional size. The high cost of the materials and workpieces means there is no room for scrap. Reworking parts is also undesirable because it could create a weakness, and components are often difficult to reach when they are installed in the field.

FANUC controls simplify large part setup by compensating part programs to actual part orientations on  machines and high-performance machining reduce cycle times, especially when large volumes of material must be removed. The art-to-part workflow is simplified with flexible 5-axis features. Part accuracy is assured by maximizing static and dynamic precision.

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