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Die Cast Robots, Foundry Robots, & Mold Machine Tending Robots

FANUC America offers Metal Casting and Die Casting Foundries a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions designed specifically for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Casting Extraction
  • Core Assembly and Setting
  • Die Spray Cooling and Lubrication
  • Dross Skimming
  • Molten Metal Ladling
  • Quench, De-gate or Trim Press Load/Unload

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Molding Machine Tending Robots

High-throughput and high precision make the ideal combination for automation

The mold and die industry is challenged by some of the most complex and difficult machining applications. Hard-to-machine materials are compounded by complex curved surfaces that can only be realized with 5-axis machining. FANUC provides manufacturers with the industry's leading line up of casting robots, foundry robots, and molding machine tending robots.

Trust our casting robots to help produce high-quality, precision parts with a superior surface finish. With many parts requiring up to 90% metal removal, performance of your casting processes is very important. Casting robots from FANUC provide faster cycle times, equating to a lower cost per part and increased machining capacity while avoiding adding equipment and increasing overhead.