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FANUC ROBODRILL for Medical Supply Manufacturing: Materials

Implants or surgical devices that will enter human bodies require specific, bio-safe materials, such as stainless steel & medical-grade plastic. For medical supply manufacturing, FANUC ROBODRILL is capable of machining a wide range of medical supply materials including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon and even ceramic to an incredible degree of accuracy.

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Pre-Engineered Medical Device Solutions


Automated Slide Pouching

Courtesy of Dynamic Automation & Robotics


Medical IV Device Assembly

Courtesy of Wauseon Machine


Medical Device Adhesive Cell

Courtesy of RND Automation


IV Fluid Bag Palletization

Courtesy of Simplimatic


Medical Equipment Manufacturing Using FANUC CNCs

FANUC CNC Systems provide reliability needed for machining medical parts that call for complex contouring, requiring complex contouring with no trace of surface defects. FANUC CNC Systems are a great fit for this type of precision machining as they can consistently execute the tight tolerances. Plus, our series of controls, 30i-B Plus, have been optimized for 5-axis machining, which is critical to producing the required geometries and high-quality finishes.

Additionally, our high performance servo motors and spindle motors provide the reliability and dependability needed to minimize your unplanned downtime.

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FANUC Robots for Medical Device Manufacturing

Due to the high-level of customization involved in medical parts, they typically are produced in low-volume, high mix production runs where flexibility and quick changeovers are critical. FANUC robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options and straightforward integration.

Production cells built around FANUC CNC machines provide a simple way of adding flexibility and cutting costs. Benefitting from a small footprint, FANUC's LR Mate Series robots - with their lighter payload capacities - are ideally suited to tending work of this kind.

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FANUC Robots for Medical Products Packaging

FANUC’s automation provides the platform needed for safe and clean environments in manufacturing and packaging medical equipment. Depalletizing, loading, line charging or thermo forming your packaging – all common tasks in the medical device manufacturing industry – can easily be automated.


Meet the DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS medical-grade delta robot, the first fully stainless steel robot by FANUC

The DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS features a fully enclosed stainless steel body that is resistant to the chemicals and high pressure/temperatures required in strict wash down environments found in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, protein, cosmetics, bakery and dairy industries. Rated IP69K, it meets USDA and FDA food safety standards, and sets a new benchmark for robotic handling in terms of payload, speed, reach and sanitation.


Vision Systems Ready for Medical Assembly or Packing

Equipped with iRVision and 3D Area Sensor, FANUC robots will pick, sort, place and arrange products on a moving conveyor. This makes automating during assembly easy; or when ready to ship, a FANUC industrial robot with a robotic vision system and quick-change gripper can simultaneously pack multiple products in a variety of container or box types for delivery.


Collaborative Robot Solutions

To reduce manual processes, FANUC’s expanding line of collaborative robots can work alongside your employees to take over tedious, repetitive tasks, improving job set up time and consistency of your medical equipment production. Plus, FANUC’s collaborative robots are easy to program and can be seamlessly integrated into any medical manufacturing process without the need for barriers.


FANUC Delta Robots for High-Speed Pick & Place in Medical Supply Manufacturing

Automating end-of-line processes, such as wrapping, labelling, packing and palletizing, can help reduce strenuous and repetitive manual labor often seen in manufacturing medical supplies and devices. Delta robots are the perfect choice for picking, sorting, inspecting, placing and inserting parts, even at high speed on moving conveyors.


Automated Bar Code Labelling

Whether it's medical equipment or carton labelling, every stage of the medical supply manufacturing process - from picking, orienting, placing to adding labels and sealing - can be completed by robots, such as the light and compact, FANUC LR Mate Series.


FANUC Clean Room Robots for Medical Device Manufacturing

FANUC clean room robots are specifically designed to work in medical device manufacturing environments where strict requirements are needed. Our clean room robots were built to meet the standard requirements (IP67 standard) of highly demanding lab and medical device environments - with no compromise of robot speed and repeatability. Based on a slim, entirely encapsulated design, our clean room robots reach high flexibility levels, adding versatility to their ability to perform many types of automated applications within compact cells. FANUC clean room robots can achieve Clean room Class ISO 5, and have a much higher reliability than manual applications. For more information about our clean room robots contact our sales team today.

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