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CNC Spindle Motors

FANUC provides a vast selection of CNC spindle motors for both general and special purposes, designed to provide the ultimate in performance, reliability and efficiency. FANUC’s CNC spindle motors have the same design and manufacturing priorities as our servo motors: provide the ultimate in performance, reliability and efficiency. Our exceptional motor control software and exacting manufacturing tolerances deliver CNC spindle motors that are whisper-quiet, practically vibration-free and have a track record of running for decades without failure.

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FANUC AC Spindle Motors


FANUC Built-in Spindle Motors

Types of CNC Spindle Motors

FANUC produces three series of spindle motors. Our BETA i-B Series spindle motors offer a significant performance-to-cost ratio, making them ideal for controlling costs. Our ALPHA i-B Series spindle motors offer enhanced torque and power to handle heavier cutting and provide shorter acceleration and deceleration times. Belts and gearboxes can induce vibration and wear, our BUILT-IN (frameless) Bi-B Series spindle motors eliminate the need for additional mechanical equipment through their direct drive design.

FANUC CNC Spindle Motor Models

We provide a vast selection of spindle motors for both general and special purposes:

  • P Model CNC Spindle Motors: Offer a wide constant POWER range, ideal for both lathes and machining centers.
  • T Model CNC Spindle Motors: Equipped with hollow motor shafts to support THROUGH-spindle coolant delivery, ideal for machines where the quickest drilling operations are desired.
  • L Model CNC Spindle Motors: LIQUID-cooled motors, providing substantially more output power than their air-cooled counterparts; also, incorporate hollow shafts for through-spindle coolant delivery.

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Construction of FANUC CNC Spindle Motors

The final distinction of our spindle motors relates to their construction. Spindle motors can be induction-type (a.k.a., asynchronous) or synchronous-type.

Induction Spindle Motors

The most common construction for a spindle motor; applications involving heavy cutting for short periods of time or light-duty cutting at high-speed are ideal for induction spindle motors. FANUC induction spindle motors have a capital ‘I’ in the model name. Example: αiIP-B is an ALPHA i-B Induction spindle motor with a wide constant Power band.

Synchronous Spindle Motors

These spindle motors excel at high-speed machining of large workpieces as well as applications needing frequent acceleration and deceleration of the spindle, such as tapping or small parts turning. FANUC synchronous spindle motors have a ‘S’ in the model name.