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Robotics & Automation for the Automotive Industry

FANUC America is the World's leading and most trusted supplier of industrial robots and automation to the automotive industry and its suppliers. We provide a full range of robotic solutions for any automotive manufacturing application.

Automotive OEMs, tier one, two and three suppliers can all profit from continuing advances in robotics and automation for automotive applications. By taking full advantage of intelligent automation solutions designed to maximize efficiency and increase output, automotive manufacturers are able to remain profitable and competitive in the face of increasingly challenging market conditions. Likewise, the high degree of repeatability and precision this technology offers suppliers enables them to meet the increasingly high standards being asked of them by OEMs. Regardless of where you are in the automotive supply chain, at FANUC we have a range of solutions designed to optimize your processes and increase your productivity.


The Future is Electric.

While consumers have time to consider switching from combustion to an electric vehicle, manufacturers have to prepare their automation strategy today for the future. FANUC America has automated more processes in the manufacturing of the internal combustion engine and vehicle assembly process than any other automation company. We're leading the way in the EV market as well. Automating the production process of battery cells is a high priority for vehicle manufacturers and no one has more experience than FANUC.

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Automating Automotive Manufacturing Processes with Robots

With a long reputation in the automotive industry for rock-solid product quality and the highest levels of customer service and support, including a dedicated automotive sales and engineering team with a well over a century of combined automotive knowledge, FANUC America offers a wide variety of automation and robotics solutions for nearly every automotive manufacturing process. These range from dedicated robots equipped with advanced vision and motion control systems to dedicated solutions for automotive assembly, arc and spot welding, part transfer, inspection, parts handling, machine tending, painting, sealing, material removal, finishing and much more.

Robots and automated solutions are ideally suited to performing these types of repetitive tasks that demand high levels of throughput and that are dull, tedious, or may even pose a health risk to people. New robot technology continues to evolve in the automotive manufacturing space, including our collaborative robots, which work side-by-side with people to improve safety and workplace ergonomics. In every case FANUC has a solution to improve your cycle time and increase throughput.


Discover the Benefits of Working with Cobots

Flex-N-Gate, a supplier of bumpers, exterior trim, lighting, chassis assemblies and other automotive products, uses inspection systems at their Ventra Ionia, Michigan plant to ensure product quality. To help improve these processes, reduce costs and save floor space, Flex-N-Gate turned to FANUC for a collaborative robot solution, leveraging FANUC America's 24/7/365 service network to support their cobot systems for a completely successful integration.

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ROBODRILL Vertical Machining Center

FANUC ROBODRILL promises unrivaled quality and precision for the automotive industry at great hourly rates. At the heart of every ROBODRILL is a patented high-speed tool changer that can carry 21 tools and offers best-in-class reliability. ROBODRILL achieves the same results as bigger machines in less time.

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Zero Down Time

Zero Down Time (ZDT) is FANUC's industrial IoT application, designed to eliminate down time and enhance overall robot performance. While FANUC robots are highly reliable, manufacturers still need a solution to maximize uptime. ZDT continuously collects and analyzes data to track robot health and maintenance requirements while running production, and will notify you if action is required to prevent unexpected downtime.

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FANUC Robots for Automotive Painting

FANUC America has a full range of painting and coating robots for to help automotive manufacturers drastically improve their paint processes. FANUC paint robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications; our paint series offer easy access, optimal work envelopes, and maximized throughput.


Automotive Bearing Spraying - Courtesy of Turbo Spray


Painting Automotive Oil Pans & Valve Covers - Courtesy of Robotic TSS


Automotive Car Body Painting


Automotive Axle Painting


Robotic Painting Automotive Plastic Parts


Automotive Car Body Painting

FANUC Robots for Automotive Arc/Spot Welding & Material Joining

FANUC provides customized products and interfaces to automate MIG/MAG, MIG pulse, TIG and plasma welding processes. For decades, FANUC welding robots have provided automotive manufacturers with robotic arc welding and spot welding robot systems that provide consistent welds while increasing the quality of your automotive products and parts.


Automotive Component Arc Welding - Courtesy of TranTek Automation


Robo-Rivet Automated Fastening System - Courtesy of ARM Automation


Automotive Spot Welding for the Cadillac CT6

"Cadillac CT6 Manufacturing" by General Motors is licensed under CC BY 3.0


New FANUC R-2000iD - Factory-ready spot welding solution robot


FANUC R-1000iA-120F-7B 7-Axis Robot Robotic Spot Welding

FANUC Robots for Automotive Assembly

FANUC offers a variety of highly reliable assembly robots that are dexterous, repeatable, compact and fast. From 5 to 6-axis articulated robots, 3 to 6-axis delta robots, to our SCARA Robots and Collaborative Robots, we have the assembly robots and the intelligent features needed to keep your production goals on track.


Automotive Sidelite Assembly - Courtesy of Premier Automation


Automotive Swing Arm Assembly - Courtesy of Edgewater Automation


Automotive Engine Cover Assembly - Courtesy of TranTek Automation

FANUC Robots for Automotive Part/Body Transfer & Material Handling

Need to move some automotive parts? From the smallest part to an entire automotive body, FANUC America offers an extensive lineup of part transfer robots. These robots are iRVision and force sensor-ready, and capable of high-speed transfer in a well-optimized system.


Automotive Body Transfer and Seam Sealer Application


Automotive Seat Transfer from Semi-Truck Demonstration


Automotive Destacking Transfer System - Courtesy of TranTek Automation


Automating with FANUC Drives Improvements for JTEKT

When JTEKT Automotive took on a new product line for a global auto manufacturer, they wanted to upgrade some of their existing machining capabilities to improve productivity. As the project developed, automation became a key part of the new production line. Along the way, FANUC helped integrate machines and equipment from multiple suppliers to work as one seamless process.

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FANUC Robots for Automotive Sealing

Apply your adhesives with more precision, accuracy and efficiency with dispensing robots from FANUC America. Using dispensing robots for sealer applications provide a variety of advantages including improved consistency, higher speeds and productivity, and increased system uptime.


Urethane Dispensing with Cobots - Courtesy of Esys Automation


Automotive Seam Sealer Dispensing with Vision - Courtesy of Inovision


Automotive Car Body Seam Sealing

FANUC Robots for Automotive Material Removal / Finishing

FANUC's material removal solutions cover an extensive variety of applications for automotive, including cutting, grinding, deburring, deflashing, polishing, waterjet cutting, routering, and more.


Automotive Trim Molding Sand & Deflash - Courtesy of Pioneer Industrial Systems


Automotive Parts Deburring - Courtesy of FLT


Automotive Rim Polishing - Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing

Have an Automotive Challenge? We Have an Automation Solution

Think you have an automotive challenge we’ve never solved before? Try us. We’re up for the challenge. We’re confident that nobody in the robotics and automation industry has more automotive industry experience, knowledge and expertise than FANUC.


Automotive Vinyl Surface Flame Treating - Courtesy of Pioneer Industrial Systems


Automotive Comfort Validation Module - Courtesy of RCO Technologies


3D Vision Bin Picking + Spot Welding - Courtesy of Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing

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