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Material Removal and Finishing Robots

Have a part or product that needs a fine finishing touch? You’ve come to the right place! Our automation solutions and material removal robots cover an extensive variety of finishing applications. Nobody in the automation industry has more robotic finishing application experience or products made specifically for automated finishing than FANUC: From cutting robots and grinding robots, to deburring robots, polishing robots, sanding robots, buffing robots and more!

When it comes to the quality of your finished parts there’s no room for compromise. Whether you need robotic cutting systems, robotic deburring, polishing robots, grinding robots, robotic drilling or buffing your manufactured products or parts, we not only have a finishing robot perfectly sized for the application, we also have the technology required to put on the finest finishing touches. That’s because every FANUC robot comes vision and force sensing-ready; and our FS Series Force Sensors and iRVision robotic vision systems are designed and built by FANUC, specifically for FANUC finishing robots.

Robotic sanding, robotic grinding, and other finishing and material removal jobs can be dangerous and pose serious hazards to people’s health and safety. Using FANUC robots for these jobs improves safety by eliminating health hazards, while also providing manufacturers with a solution to labor shortage problems often seen in these applications. No matter how big or small your company is, FANUC and our industry-leading group of Authorized Systems Integrators for robotics will work with you to listen to and understand your robotic finishing needs, then develop an automated system sure to increase quality, speed and overall productivity.

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deburring robot

FANUC M-20iB/25 Robot performs robotic deburring

We have the industry’s widest range of deburring robots for any payload and reach. Use our Robot Finder Tool to find a robot that’s right for you.

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sanding robot

FANUC P-350iA/45 Sanding Robot sands an aerospace fuselage

Robotic Deburring Systems

FANUC’s solutions for robotic deburring systems provide manufacturers with the quality, consistency and output they need. Our LR Mate 200iD series is a popular deburring robot due to its compact design and flexibility. We also have a variety of deburring robots that can work with both medium and very large part deburring. No matter what size part you may have, or what material your part is comprised of, we're sure to have the industrial robots or collaborative robots to help fit your robotic deburring needs.


Robotic Deburring System for Automotive Parts

Courtesy of FLT


Robotic Wheel Deburring System

Courtesy of iA-Robotics


Robotic Crankshaft Deburring System

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


Robotic Gear Deburring System

Courtesy of Matrix Design


Robotic Fineblanked Part Deburring System

Courtesy of Abtex Corporation


Robotic Gantry and Deburring System

Courtesy of Matrix Design

Robotic Cutting Systems: Metal Cutting Robots, Plasma Cutting Robots, Waterjet Cutting Robots & Laser Cutting Robot Systems

Robotic cutting systems reduce cutting errors and product waste, while improving speed, precision and accuracy. Cutting robot systems can also be customized and pre-engineered with different robot cutter tools based on the type of product, its material, size, and the type of robotic cutting for your specific workpiece. FANUC will listen to your needs, then work with you to decide which cutting robot and cutting tool is exactly right for your specifications and requirements. Cutting robot systems also improve worker safety by removing employees from hazardous work areas.


PCR42 Robotic Plasma Cutting System 

Courtesy of  Prodevco Robotic Solutions


Robotic Laser Cutting System 

Courtesy of  Shape Process Automation


Plasma Cutting Robot for Sheet Metal

Courtesy of  elliTek


Waterjet Cutting Robot for Carpet

Courtesy of  Shape Process Automation


Robotic Metal Plasma Cutting System

Courtesy of  ARC Specialties


SteelPRO 900 Robotic Plasma Cutting for Structural Steel Beams & Heavy Plates

Courtesy of Inovatech

Force Sensors for Craftsman-like Precision

FANUC Force Sensors enable robots to detect force and torque applied to the end effector, while controlling the robot’s motion path in real time to keep the tool pressed to the part with constant force. Robots equipped with force sensors can robotically deburr, grind, polish and contour parts with ultimate precision by compensating for dimensional deviations.

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Robotic Polishing Systems

FANUC polishing robots are used by manufacturers to achieve custom finishes with uncompromised consistency that do not sacrifice finish quality for output. Our robots are used in automated polishing systems for any size manufacturer, producing a mix of consistent superior surface finishes with excellent production rates. We’ll listen to your needs, then work together to customize a robotic polishing system that maximizes productivity and quality.


Polishing Robot for Automotive Wheel Hub Polishing System

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


Polishing Robot for Orthopedic Knee Replacement Polishing System

Courtesy of AV&R


Polishing Robot for Heavy Shaft Polishing System

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


Polishing Robot for Golf Club Head Polishing System 

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


BF-X 200-c Polishing Robot for LPC Blade Polishing System

Courtesy of AV&R


Polishing Robot for Automotive Step Bar Polishing System

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing

Robotic Sanding Systems

Robotic sanding systems give manufacturers the opportunity to improve the speed and accuracy for sanding parts while improving worker safety by removing employees from potentially dangerous work areas where dust and debris can pose serious hazards to a person’s health and mitigating those risks with sanding robots. Sanding operations that include robotics can be equipped with pressure sensing technology in order to achieve the perfect robotically sanded finish to your parts.


Sanding Robot for Automotive Exterior Trim Mold Sanding System

Courtesy of Pioneer Industrial Systems


Sanding Robots for Wood Chair Sanding System

Courtesy of Remtec


Sanding Robot for Aircraft Fuselage Sanding System


Robot Vision for Improved Accuracy

FANUC iRVision provides real time error proofing to ensure proper process and product quality. iRVision allows the robot to accurately find the part’s location relative to the robot and offset the robot path to account for part to part or location variances – A unique competitive advantage in robotic deburring, robotic grinding, robotic cutting, and more.

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Grinding, Buffing, Deflashing, Routering, Milling & Drilling Robots

If you have a challenge where automation can help with a material removal process, FANUC America has the experience and expertise to work with you, listen to your needs, and work together to develop a solution that will increase productivity and overall profitability. Other robotic finishing solutions with which we have decades of experience include buffing, deflashing, degating, gouging, grinding, routering, milling, drilling and much, much more. Contact us today to get started on a robotic finishing system that’s right for you!


Robotic Buffing system

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


Robotic Degating and Riser Removal system

Courtesy of Kinemetrix


Robotic Drilling, Tapping and Deflashing system

Courtesy of Pioneer Industrial Systems


Grinding Robots for Weld Grinding system

Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


Robotic Parts Washing system

Courtesy of PrimeTest Automation


GougeMaster Robotic Gouging system

Courtesy of AGT Robotics


BF-X 500 Robotic Blade Profiling system

Courtesy of AV&R


BrainWave Robot Sequencer Softwaresystem

Courtesy of AV&R


BF-X 800 Automatic Fan Blade MRO Re-profiling system

Courtesy of AV&R

Material Handling Robots

System Integration Solutions in Manufacturing

For a truly integrated machining solution, partner your FANUC robot with FANUC CNCs or General Motion Controls. With streamlined communications and the industry's best reliability, nothing beats a truly automated machining system from FANUC.

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