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CNC, or computer numerical control, motion control system solutions utilize programmed computer software to automate the control, movement and precision of process. Complex motion control systems can involve multiple axes, paths, speeds and torque controls. CNC motion controls are used in many manufacturing applications like winding machines, cut-off machines, packing machines, press transfers, screw machines and more. With over 5 million CNCs installed around the world, the FANUC CNC platform is one of the most popular control systems used, delivering high performance and providing unbeatable reliability.

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Products for CNC Motion Control Systems

FANUC’s reliable, best-in-class precision motion control system products are known for their rock-solid reliability and unbeatable performance used in a wide variety of applications.

Power Motion i-Model A Plus

Power Motion i-Model A Plus for Motion Control Systems

FANUC’s PMi-A Plus can control more pieces of industrial equipment and run more programs simultaneously and independently than ever.

Power Motion i-Model A Plus
Power Motion i-Model A

Power Motion i-Model A for Motion Control Systems

PMi-A handles all complex motion control needs and is more versatile than just a PLC making it perfect for tasks involving multiple axes, paths, speeds and torque controls.

Power Motion i-Model A
Digital Servo Adapter–MODEL B

Digital Servo Adapter–MODEL B for Motion Control Systems

Want access to FANUC’s powerful motors but don’t use FANUC controls? The DSA enables access to FANUC servo motors and drives with any 3rd-party controller.

Digital Servo Adapter–MODEL B
ALPHA i-D Series Servo Motor

Servo Motors for Motion Control Systems

The power behind all of FANUC’s motion control systems are FANUC’s highly reliable, easy to maintain and super-efficient servo motors.

Servo Motors
ALPHA i-D Series Amplifier

Drives for Motion Control Systems

FANUC’s digital drives incorporate advanced electronics that actually regenerate electrical energy back to the factory when decelerating the servo and spindle motors. That’ll save energy costs as well as boost sustainability.


Benefits of FANUC CNC Motion Control Systems

Global Automation Provider

FANUC started the development of Numeric Control (NC) technology back in 1955. Since then, our engineers have continuously engrained new and innovative technologies into our products. With over 60 years of experience and 40 million automation products installed worldwide, FANUC is a global leader in the automation industry and more companies know and trust FANUC’s controls.


Need complex motion control in your manufacturing applications? FANUC’s Power Motion i-A and ii-A Plus are more versatile and cost effective than just a PLC. Up to 5 ladder logic programs can be executed at the same time for a total of 24,000 to 300,000 steps. Perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

High Performance

Based on high-speed, high-accuracy servo technology, FANUC’s Motion Controls maximize the performance of the application, such as improved productivity, high accuracy and easy-to-use operability. With over 25 million servo motors installed worldwide, FANUC offers the widest range of motors that are powerful and dependable.


FANUC Motion Controls are known for their rock-solid reliability. All our products made in Japan are tested under strict conditions and designed to ensure consistent and repeatable performance. This helps maximize uptime and optimize operations.

Lifetime Support

FANUC’s philosophy of not terminating support of FANUC products for as long as they are used by our customers has made FANUC a popular choice for motion control throughout the world. We are a Service First company, which means customer service is our highest priority.

FANUC CNC Motion Control System Case Studies

FANUC Drives Green Hydraulic Power’s Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Solution

Green Hydraulic Power uses FANUC’s CNC and servos to power an environmentally friendly system that delivers hydraulic pressure only when needed, which generates less heat, uses up to 70% less energy, reduces noise emissions by up to 20 decibels and is Industry 4.0 ready.

FANUC CNC Motion Control System Application Videos

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

FANUC Power Motion i General Motion Controller

FANUC Power Motion i-MODEL A controls a Güdel gantry with two 3-axis ZP3 modules on a single rail. This configuration can be used for various types of material handling applications such as palletizing and machine tending. Each path on the system has horizontal and vertical axes and a wrist for payload rotation of 360 degrees.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

rpGatta Crankshaft Machining Line

This system by rpGatta is an integration of standard Gudel Gantry components with five rpGatta customized multi-axis loader/unloaders to service 30 machining centers and 13 rpGatta custom integral crankshaft pick & place/conveyor stations. The FANUC PowerMotion iA controls 17 servo axis while one PLC supervises the entire system’s sequencing.

Software for CNC Motion Control Systems


 FANUC has the CNC motion control software you need from connecting, monitoring, collecting and analyzing machine tool information to creating better programs both on and off the shopfloor.  

CNC Data Collection Software

Data Collection Software for Machine Tools

Explore FANUC CNC Software for connecting, monitoring, collecting and analyzing machine tool information!

Data Collection Software
CNC Programming Software

CNC Programming and Simulation Software

FANUC has a variety of software to help programming, both on and off the shop floor!

Programming Software
CNC Machine Tools Software

Connectivity Solutions for Machine Tools

Connect your communication systems with each other using FANUC's connectivity solutions for machine tools!

Connectivity Software

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