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Robotic Solutions for Vision Inspection

Why choose FANUC for your product inspection? Not only does FANUC have decades of industry expertise, we also have the built-in vision inspection technology that makes it easy and seamless to integrate with our robots. Does your inspection process require 3rd party equipment? No problem! We have extensive expertise in integrating 3rd party inspection systems, as well as the industry's largest and most experienced team of Authorized System Integrators who specialize in vision inspection systems for all industry sectors. Explore our work below, then contact us for more information - We look forward to working with you!


Collaborative Robot Inspection with AI Vision & New FANUC CRX Cobot


Collaborative Robot Used in Fenceless 3D Metrology Inspection System – AMT


Robotic 3D Metrology Inspection System – EDM Intelligent Solutions


Robotic Lathe Machine Tending and Inspection with FANUC M-710iC/50 Robot


Robotic 3D Scanning System for Manufacturing Quality Control – ARIS Technology


Automated 3D Inspection & Industrial Metrology Solution – EDM Intelligent Solutions


Your ONE SOURCE for Quality Inspection.

At FANUC, our goal is to provide customers with a complete, one-stop solution for automation. Our iRVision products do just that: Providing you with the industry's best robotic vision products and service to help solve your manufacturing challenges.

All FANUC robots are iRVision ready. For you, this means that all your FANUC robots are already empowered to make your processes faster, more efficient, and more profitable for your business - All backed by FANUC's 24/7/365 service and support network at more than 260 locations worldwide. You can trust FANUC with all your vision needs.

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Robotic Vision Inspection Systems | AI Error Proofing | E-Commerce & Other Emerging Applications

As new industries emerge and companies adapt their manufacturing operations to stay competitive with the latest market trends, opportunities to improve production and the overall bottom line emerge. FANUC and our team of automation experts are leading the way in industries such as e-commerce and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where vision inspection systems can drastically improve manufacturing processes. Explore some of these game-changing applications below, then contact us if you have an application you envision is a fit for automation and robotics - We're up for the challenge!


Flat package sorter - Plus One Robotics


Robotic Piece Picking - Dematic


Robotic vision and piece-picking for order fulfillment - Kindred SORT


Industrial Mobile Robot Electric Vehicle Inspection System


Industrial Mobile Robot for Electric Vehicle Inspection


Robotic Color Verification and Pill Sorting System with M-1iA Delta Robot

Robotic Applications for Vision Inspection Systems Include:

  • Presence/Absence detection

  • Defect detection

  • Automated vision test & measurement

  • Pattern matching

  • Vision guided robot

  • Barcode reading and traceability

  • Part verification (orientation, function, dimension, finished part features)

  • Optical character recognition & verification (OCR/OCV)

  • Color Verification

  • Sorting

  • And more!

Setting up iRVision for vision inspection is effortless, as it guides you through each step of the process. A powerful vision toolbox is integrated in the standard iRVision package to support any custom-made vision inspection system.

In addition, iRVision doesn’t require an interface to external devices or any additional hardware (such as PCs, monitors or side cabinets) for the set up and operation. The vision inspection process configuration can be done directly on the robot controller itself, on the Teach Pendant, or on any IE-capable device. Our entire range of inspection robots as well as all controllers are compatible with the iRVision solution because the controller hardware is ready for vision.

Get the most out of your product quality inspection using FANUC iRVision. 
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