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FANUC Painting & Coating Robots

FANUC America has a full range of painting and coating robots to help manufacturers drastically improve their paint processes. Designed and built in Michigan since 1982, FANUC paint robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications; our paint robots offer easy access, optimal work envelopes, and maximized throughput. With some models designed to operate in hazardous environments and a wide range of reaches and handling capacities, whatever your painting or dispensing requirements you can be sure there is a FANUC model to meet your needs.

Robotic painting and coating provides a wide range of advantages, including: 

  • Improved safety in hazardous painting work environments
  • Consistent paint application significantly reduces material waste
  • Higher product speeds and productivity
  • Increased system uptime
FANUC P-350iA Paint Robot  FANUC P-350iA Paint Robot

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