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P-1000iA Paint Robot

  • 15 kg
  • 2848 mm
  • 7

Superior Part Access & Large Work Envelope

The P-1000 is the worlds first Pedestal Based 7 Axis Paint Robot. Designed for complex maneuverability in compact spaces, the P-1000 can help reduce your booth footprint with it’s integrated 7th axis at the “elbow.” This robot can bend around car doors or extend out for hard to reach areas leaving you with no part this robot can’t paint.

P-1000iA Robot


P-1000 Duo

Dynamic Duo

While this robot can stand on it’s own, the mounting column can also be designed to support the 5 axes P-35 Hood/ Deck Opener. Working in Tandem, these units can save a significant amount of booth steel, while ensuring they stay out of each other’s way.

P-1000iA Interior

Interior Expert

Are door frames getting in your paint robots way? If so, the P-1000 could be the right fit for your next paint project as the additional axes at J3 allows for clearance around these pesky swing metal partitions ensuring your customers see that brilliant color as they get in for a test drive.

Dual P-1000iA with Car

Reduce footprint while maintaining capability

In order to help manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint, smaller & more compact painting process are required to reduce energy consumption and aid in going green. The P-1000 is the perfect product to help in this journey with a work-envelope unmatched by its rivals, this modern marvel can help you lower your capex without sacrificing your operational capabilities.

P-1000iA Axes

Keep your elbows off the table

Typical 6 axes wall mounted robots often struggle with reaching forward & backward, but with an additional axes located in the middle of the robot arm, the P-1000 can go from front to back with ease.



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  • 7
  • 15 kg
  • 0.5 mm
  • Wall
  • 2848 mm