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P-700iB Paint Robot

  • 15 kg
  • 3200 mm
  • 7

High Utilization Rate & Maximum Flexibility

The P-700 is an overhead rail based 7 axes industrial Paint robot. When configured properly in a paint booth, this robot can maximize cycle time with it’s long travel capabilities & ensure you can keep painting when the product changes or new features are added with it’s versatility.



P-700iB Utilization

Design with partners in mind

When utilized with the P-20 or P-25, this Robot can paint interiors with ease, ensuring all surfaces of your vehicle have the same premium finish.

P-700 Cable Management

Efficient Cable Management

All hoses & cables are routed from the robot controller, through the “catrack” & along the robot arm, ensuring kinks & breaks are avoided and allowing maximum shelf life.

P-700 7th Axis

Process Flexibility for today & tomorrow

Often times OEMs will install capital equipment based on current products, but be forced to replace it when the product changes in order to meet the new requirements. But with an integrated 7th Axis, the P-700 can paint any product and give you the ability to add content or reconfigure the current process when your needs change.



Download Specs

  • 7
  • 15 kg
  • 0.10 mm
  • Rail
  • 3200 mm