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P-35iA Hood/Deck Opener

  • 175-LBF
  • 4318 mm
  •  5

Extended Hood/ Deck Opener

In order to maximize space in a compact paint booth, the P-35iA was created to get to those hard to reach places with a small window to do it. Utilizing a larger reach, this robot can be stacked in a similar work envelope to it’s painter siblings but open hoods & decks with ease.



P-1000 Duo

Dynamic Duo

hile this robot can stand on it’s own, the mounting column can also be designed to support the 7 axes P-1000 Paint Robot. Working in Tandem, these units can save a significant amount of booth steel, while ensuring they stay out of each other’s way.

P-35 Hood Opener

Smart Articulation

Utilizing 5 Axes to control this arm, the P-35iA has a unique capability to reach car bodies while staying clear from the rest of the paint crew.


Robust Tooling

While vehicles can vary from customer to customer, the P-35iA was designed to serve everyone with one universal tool. The robust hook design utilized at the end of arm allows enough flexibility to lift any hood or deck while providing the strength required to hold it while your product gets the finishing touch.

R-30iB Controller

No Extra Controllers

Due to the efficient FANUC controller design, the P-35iB does not need a stand alone controller because this robot can run off a shared controller with the paint robot. This means less of a crowd in your clean room allowing you more space for different equipment or a smaller plant overall.


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  • 5
  • 175-LBF
  • Pedestal
  • 4318 mm