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P-20iB Door Opener

  • 80-LBF
  • 1475 mm
  •  4

Compact & Versatile Door Opener

The P-20iB is a versatile machine perfectly designed for complementing any paint robot. With a compact footprint in it’s home position, this robot can get out of the way when you need to do your painting, but it’s superior motion can open any shape or size door. Whether stationed on a pedestal or attached to a rail, it will be there when you need it most to gain access to all the right places.



Compact Sedans or Extended Cab Trucks

With (2) variations – (1) short arm & (1) Long arm, the P-20iB can handle any vehicle you throw it’s way. Whether it’s in a tight space grabbing a big door, or a large booth hanging on to a small door, FANUC can provide the right robot to fit your application.

R-30iB Controller

No Extra Controllers

Due to the efficient FANUC controller design, the P-20iB does not need a stand alone controller because this robot can run off a shared controller with the paint robot. This means less of a crowd in your clean room allowing you more space for different equipment or a smaller plant overall.

P-1000 and P-20 Robots with car

Up & Down All Around

Do you have a stop station or a moving line? Either is fine. Thanks to the dynamic design of the P-20iB, this robot can be mounted on a pedestal or a rail. It can move along with your vehicle as it is getting painted or stay in place to make sure we don’t slam the door shut.

Flexible Tooling

Whether you are building lightweight vehicles that require aluminum walls, or have standard sheet metal to hold on to, the P-20iB has multiple EOT configurations to meet your needs. Magnet tooling can be used to hold tight, or paddle tooling can grab your window frame to gain access.


Download Specs

  • 4
  • 80-LBF
  • Pedestal / Rail
  • 1475 mm