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Robotic Spot Welding and Material Joining Solutions

Fabricators and manufacturers rely on a wide array of material joining methods to create the products, structures, machinery and transportation equipment used around the world. Robotic spot welding and riveting are go-to methods for bonding materials together due to spot welding robot's high repeatability, accuracy, throughput and overall profitability.

FANUC offers a wide variety of spot welding robots, process software and hardware solutions to help solve your material joining challenges. We are the industry leader in robotic spot welding and other robotic material joining applications with decades of experience and expertise. Trust FANUC with your next project requiring automated material joining and spot welding robot solutions.

FANUC-R-2000iD-210FH-spot-welding-robot  FANUC R-2000iD/210FH spot welding robot with hollow arm and internal cable dressing

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Hollow Arm Meets Complete Productivity

Discover the all-new FANUC R-2000iD Series industrial robot for high production spot welding. Its hollow arm design includes internally integrated process cables and hoses which eliminate the need for complex cable dressout packages. FANUC's new R-2000iD Series Robots come in 3 models ranging from 100 - 210 kg in payload, with 2,605 mm reach.

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Solutions for Robotic Spot Welding and Material Joining

Manufacturers who apply spot welding robots immediately see advantages as compared to a manual process, including improved cost effectiveness, improved weld consistency, the ability to reach difficult welds, higher repeatability, and improved floor space savings. FANUC spot welding robots and Spot Tool+ software work together to minimize life cycle costs (Total Cost of Ownership) by maximizing throughput & uptime with proven mechanical designs that require minimal maintenance. Adding FANUC Zero Down Time (ZDT) Software to your FANUC spot welding system provides predictive maintenance notifications.


Automotive Spot Welding Robots

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Robotic Spot Welding at Automotive Body Shop

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Robotic Spot Welding and Material Joining

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Robo-Rivet Robotic Riveting System

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7-Axis Robot for Complex Spot Welding in Tight Spaces.

With it's compact, flexible design, the FANUC R-1000iA/120F-7B is a 7-axis robot with added functionality to fold and shorten its second arm due to its seventh axis. This allows this unique robot to work within small work cells and narrow environments, including tight spot welding workcells.

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