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Food Processing Robots -
Robotics in the Food & Beverage Industry

FANUC America and our Authorized System Integrators help food and beverage customers improve their Overall Equipment E¬≠ffectiveness (OEE), changeover flexibility, process consistency, energy efficiency, and sanitation. We can also address ergonomic and safety issues, assist in sustainability goals, and meet any traceability requirement.


FANUC's First Stainless Steel Food-Grade Robot

The new DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS is FANUC’s first stainless steel food-grade delta robot for picking and packing primary food products. Rated IP69K, the robot meets USDA and FDA food safety standards, and sets a new benchmark for robotic food handling in terms of payload, speed, reach and sanitation.

The DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS features a fully enclosed stainless steel body that is resistant to the chemicals and high pressure/temperatures required in strict wash down environments found in the bakery, cosmetics, dairy, pharmaceutical and protein industries.

Learn About DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS

Food Robotics -
Front of Line Food Processing Solutions

Optimize your value chain right from the very start of the production process using FANUC food handling robots for front-of-line automation. Depalletizing, loading, line tracking, picking and packing - Any number of tasks can easily be automated to help you improve your food manufacturing processes and lower your costs. Explore the ways FANUC and our Authorized System Integrators help food and beverage companies both large and small overcome front of line production challenges.

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Get A Grip on Growing Your Business with Robotics

Tasteful Selections is a forward-thinking potato producer for not only offering bite-sized potatoes, but also employing state-of-the-art production technology. With investment in automation, they've been able to grow very quickly as well as maintain the quality bite-sized potatoes customers and food retailers like Costco have come to love.


Front of Line Solutions -
Robots for Primary Food Processing & Handling

Robots in the food industry are increasingly being deployed in primary processing applications. When it comes to primary food handling, we know safety is of the utmost importance - You can have peace of mind knowing that FANUC has you covered. Primary food handling is done by dedicated food and clean room robots equipped with food-grade grease and special coatings. We've thought of every consideration when it comes to primary food handling, and designed our food robots to address safety and ergonomic concerns.


Tortilla Processing Robots
Courtesy of JMP Solutions


Raw Steak Packing Robots Courtesy of Quest Industrial


Almond Processing Robots Courtesy of Premier Tech


Raw Hamburger Meat Processing Robots
Courtesy of Tomahawk Manufacturing


Burrito Processing Robots
Courtesy of JMP Solutions


Carcass Splitting Robots
Courtesy of Jarvis Products


Sandwich Handling Robots
Courtesy of JMP Solutions


Fruit Handling Robot
Courtesy of Soft Robotics


Waffle Stacking & Packing Robots

Sanitation Robots for Primary Food Processing

When you have a primary food processing challenge, FANUC has the solution. Our sanitation robots are specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility in primary food processing, picking and packing applications, especially in food handling and washdown environments. Our sanitation robots range from 550mm - 1853mm in reach, and include both IP67 and IP69K rated models. Explore our sanitation robot models below, and contact us for a quote, today!

Peace of mind knowing your food is handled safely.

When it comes to primary food handling safety, nothing can be left to chance. That's why FANUC offers food-safe IP69K-rated robots, including the FANUC DR-3iB/8L delta robot. When equipped with a 100% food safe gripper from Soft Robotics, these products make for the ideal robotic food handling solution that accounts for shape variability and overall fragility, while meeting the safety requirements for handling primary food products.

FANUC DR-3iB Robot  Request More Info


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Front of Line Solutions -
Robots & Cobots for Secondary Food Processing & Handling

For secondary food processing at the front of the line, with food robotics, the possibilities to improve productivity are nearly endless. From cutting baked goods to picking and stacking wrapped food items and so much more, FANUC has the industry's widest range of robots and cobots to handle the job. Automating secondary food processing tasks not only enables you to optimize your production processes, but also to react flexibly to new developments and stay ahead of the competition. Contact us today and see what FANUC can do for you!


Muffin Depanning Robot
Courtesy of Colborne Foodbotics


Depalletizing Mixed Product
Courtesy of PASCO Systems


Cake Cutting & Packing Robots
Courtesy of Smart Motion Robotics


Candy Bar Picking Robot
Courtesy of Primetest Automation

Food Robotics -
End of Line Food Processing Solutions

Automating the end of your production line increases your flexibility, enabling you to react quickly to the trends and challenges involved in providing high-quality packing, storage and logistics. Wrapping, labelling, packing and palletizing all involve strenuous and repetitive manual work – something that can easily be automated with optimized, cost-effective results.


Food Pouch Pick & Pack
Courtesy of StrongPoint Automation


Cheese Block Handling
Courtesy of Quest Industrial


Shredded Cheese Packing
Courtesy of Delkor Systems


Packing Bags of Soup
Courtesy of Flexicell


Palletizing Juice Gallons
Courtesy of TransAutomation Technologies


Case Packing Chocolate Bars
Courtesy of Premier Tech


New Food Friendly SCARAs

Our newest environmental SCARA robots feature an IP65 rating and corrosion-resistant bolts and bellows cover, making them an ideal solution for secondary food applications.

SR-12iA Environmental

SR-20iA Environmental

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