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Large Program Management Using FANUC CNC Systems

FANUC controls provide up to 8MB of nonvolatile internal memory for part program storage, depending on model.

FANUC controls provide up to 2GB of nonvolatile part program storage using economic, commercially available ATA or Compact Flash memory cards installed in the PCMCIA slot. The compact PC card adapter allows the PCMCIA door to be closed to secure the memory card. The memory card editing/operation tool allows part program to be transferred to the memory card. The Fast Data Server can also provide up to 4GB of flash memory.

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Part programs stored in external memory cards or in the Fast Data Server can be edited and executed just like internal memory, providing practically unlimited capacity.

A USB port is also conveniently located at the operator display on the latest FANUC CNCs to provide practically unlimited storage for part programs, tool data and parameters using a wide range of commercially available memory devices. Files can be easily moved between office computers and the machine tool, quickly loading part programs into internal CNC memory for execution.

The 4GB of flash memory in the Fast Data Server can be configured as direct part program storage or to provide a reliable buffer zone that can spool part programs whose dimensions are only limited by the size of the drives on the network. Programs can also be drip fed from the hard drive of a PC integrated with the CNC system.