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FANUC CNC Power Failure Backup

Power failures, even minor power bumps, can cause significant damage in a machining environment.  Whether it is a costly workpiece that is damaged or a machine itself that falls victim to a crash, loss of power can be costly. FANUC has developed the Power Failure Backup system to prevent damage caused by interruptions in the power supply and can even support the machine to ride through minor power bumps so production is never interrupted.  


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The FANUC Power Failure Backup function utilizes the kinetic energy in the spindle motor to power the control as well as the servo motors to either retract the machine tool from the work piece or stop all movement to avoid a crash. For minor power failures, shorter than 100 ms, parameters can be set to allow the machine to continue operation without stopping.

This feature offers customers flexibility so they can select which options are required for their process or go with complete coverage.  In the case of short-term power failures (shorter than 100 ms), users can select whether the machine should continue operations or come to a complete, safe stop.


The Power Fail Backup Module is available on FANUC Series 30i/31i/31i/35i-B and 0i-F CNC systems.

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