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Servo Drive Systems - CNC Servo Motors, Spindle Motors & Servo Amplifiers

FANUC offers the widest range of drive systems on the market: Servo and spindle motors of all sizes in optimized packages with perfectly matched amplifiers. That’s our strength. You’ll always find the best system delivering perfect results for your requirements – with outstanding performance and work piece surface quality.

Servo Amplifiers

To control servo motors and spindle motors, FANUC is offering a broad range of energy saving and extremely reliable servo amplifiers.

FANUC Alpha i Servo Amplifier 

Servo Motors

FANUC offers a large choice of servo, spindle, linear and torque motors for a large range of applications.

Spindle Motors

FANUC spindle motors provide the ultimate in performance, reliability and efficiency - FANUC spindle motors are whisper-quiet, practically vibration-free and have a track record of running for decades without failure.


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