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MTConnect Server

FANUC MTConnect Server is FANUC's MTConnect Adapter for FANUC CNCs, allowing machine tool builders and end users to quickly and easily add MTConnect functionality to their machine so that machine data can be collected using the standard MTConnect protocol. With the MTConnect standard, machine tools and other manufacturing equipment can provide data in a standardized structured XML format, eliminating the confusion of handling multiple proprietary formats.

MTConnect Communication Flow

Data is sent from the FANUC CNC to the PC where the FASMTC software is installed using the FANUC FOCAS protocol over a standard Ethernet connection. FASMTC converts the data to the structured MTConnect XML and is sent to the data collection PC or any other MTConnect client application.

MTConnect Data Flow 

Simple Installation - MTConnect Server

FANUC MTConnect Server can be installed on an industrial PC, embedded PC or other PC at the machine tool. Windows 7 and 10 are the primary operating systems that are currently supported. The FANUC MTConnect Server package consists of the FANUC MTConnect Adapter and a standard MTConnect agent, however it can be connected to an existing MTConnect adapter if one is available. Configuration can be completed quickly and easily using the simple Windows UI.

FANUC CNC Data Supported through FANUC MTConnect Server

Overall Data (Standard)

- CNC Available
- Operator Message
- Emergency Stop

Axis Data

- Position
- Load
- Actuator
- Temperature
- Overtravel

Spindle Data

- Spindle RPM
- Spindle Load
- Spindle Override

Path Data (Standard)

- Current Program Block
- Controller Mode
- Program Line Number
- Main Program
- Main Program Comment
- Execution State
- Tool ID
- Part Count
- Path Feedrate
- Logic Program (PMC Alarms)
- Communications (CNC Common Alarms)
- Motion Program (Part Program Alarms)
- System (All Other Alarms)
- Active Axis
- Feedrate Override

Custom Points

Data Defined in the XML

- Path
- Controller
- Device

Configurable CNC Data

- PMC Data
- Custom Macro Variables

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