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OPC Server Software - FASOPC (FOCAS Automation Solution OPC)

*This product is only available in North America

FANUC FASOPC is an OPC server designed specifically for getting machine production data out of your FANUC CNC and off the shop floor.

OPC Server

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FASOPC Configuration

Flexible for today’s industry standard

OPC has been an industry standard for years, and many industrial software packages have built-in support for OPC specifically for data retrieval. It makes it easy to move real-time data between factory floor devices (CNCs) and factory monitoring software (HMIs), while assuring the best interoperability with many devices.

Easy Configuration

The FASOPC configuration utility is an easy-to-use tool to quickly add FANUC CNCs to your FASOPC server. The configuration utility’s intuitive user interface utilizes wizards specifically designed to guide you through the processes of setting up FANUC CNCs. Once a CNC type is identified, then only data relevant to that control type is presented to the user. There is no need for advanced knowledge of FANUC CNC capabilities to use FASOPC.

FASOPC Configuration 2 

Sample list of data supported: (refer to the manual for your version for a complete list)

  • Alarm information
  • Custom Macro variables
  • Work zero offsets
  • Tool offsets
  • Axis names
  • Axis positions
  • CNC series
  • CNC type
  • Program number/name
  • PMC data
  • Diagnosis data
  • Power consumption information
FOCAS Automation Solutions, including FASOPC, are available for sale in the Americas only. Other FOCAS Automation Solutions include:


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