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iPC Industrial PC

A powerful platform designed for reliability and ruggedness in advanced manufacturing applications.

With a wide range of sizes available and the thinnest display in the industry, FANUC’s iPCs provide the perfect platform to take your operations to the next level.

Easy to install and maintain, the PC control unit can be mounted in two different ways for maximum flexibility. Achieve faster processing speeds with an upgraded processor and get secure connectivity with the Windows 10 IoT operating system.

FANUC’s iPCs come with screens designed to provide maximum operability in the harshest of manufacturing environments. This technology prevents unintentional actions caused by common elements, such as coolant, water and dust. Resistant to electrical noise and vibration interference, yet operable with gloved fingers, iPCs are perfect for manufacturing.

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FANUC Industrial PCs

Wide Variety of Display Options

FANUC iPC has a wide variety of display options to suit your needs.

iPC 10.4 XGA

10.4" XGA


15" XGA + MDI

iPC 21.5" FHD

21.5" FHD

iPC Extra Wide 24"

NEW Extra Wide 24"

Touchscreens for harsh manufacturing environments

  • Prevents accidental operation caused by coolant, water and dust
  • Immune from electrical noise interference
  • Operable with gloved fingers

Faster and Secure Operations with FANUC iPC

  • Equipped with Intel 6th generation core processor
  • 4 Ethernet Ports
  • Secure OS with Windows10 IoT
  • Large capacity memory with ECC function with up to 32GB
  • Expanded capacity of SSD with 1 slot and up to 240GB

Flexible Mounting

FANUC Industrial PCs have two mounting configurations (book type, and panel type) to easily adapt to your specific use case.

iPC Mounting Options