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  • 360 kg
  • 2655 mm
  • 6

Flexible handling for demanding industrial applications

The FANUC M-900iB/360E robot offers an enhanced wrist load capacity, large work envelope, and 2655mm reach. A robust 360kg payload, various mounting options, and six-axis operation maximizes the robot’s flexibility to accommodate heavier payloads for assembly, parts transfer and machine tending applications.


M-900 Wrist

More Wrist Capabilities to Handle Heavy Parts

An enhanced wrist load capacity means that the robot offers more rigidity and force to efficiently handle, stack, load or unload large and heavy parts such as EV batteries, construction components, and metal fabrications.

M-900 Robot

Space-Efficient Design

  • The compact footprint optimizes factory floor space.
  • Mounting options include ceiling, floor, angle, and wall configurations.
M-900 Robot Base

Optional Severe Dust and Liquid Protection (SDLP)

  • For harsh environments, additional protection kits safeguard the robot base, drive train, and J1-J2 axes against dust and water.
  • The J3 arm and wrist come standard with IP67 protection.


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  • 6
  • 360 kg
  • 0.1 mm
  • Floor / Upside Down / Angle
  • 2655 mm