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  • 360 kg
  • 2655 mm
  • 6

Flexible handling, flexible positioning

This model is ideally suited to the heavier payloads involved in assembly, parts transfer and machine tending applications. Floor and ceiling mounting options make it extremely flexible, with its 6 axes providing the dexterity required for fast accurate handling. Faster cycle times and higher loads are enabled though improved cooling.



The flexible M-900

Ideal for heavy assembly, welding and loading tasks within a large envelope.

Compact, space saving design

The "lightweight" hollow wrist design on this model protects motors from heat and harsh environments and enables higher loads and duty cycles through improved cooling.


Various mounting options

This model comes with ceiling, floor, angle and wall mounting options where space is a concern.

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Optional severe dust and liquid protection (SDLP)

Additional robot base, drive train and J1 J2 axis protection kit available to provide dust and water protection. J3 arm and wrist come with IP67 protection as standard.



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  • 6
  • 360 kg
  • 0.1 mm
  • Floor / Upside Down / Angle
  • 2655 mm