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R-2000iC/210WE Washer Environment Robot

  • 210 kg
  • 2450 mm
  • 6

The high performer for washing environments

For a variety of washing applications, this strong and robust robot model will be able to withstand the harsh operating conditions of a high-pressure washer environment. Thanks to its mechanical design and IP67 protection as a standard, it is resistant to wet, dusty, or dirty tasks while being capable of lifting heavy weights up to 210kg.




Washer Environments Protection

The R-2000iC/210 WE was designed from the ground up to withstand the harsh conditions of a high-pressure washer environment. Special coatings, covers, seals, and purge air are used to protect the robot. In addition, a list of approved washer solutions is available upon request. FANUC also offers testing of non-approved washer solutions upon request. Although The target application for the R-2000iC/210 WE is high-pressure washing, it is possible to use it for other applications. Contact us to see if the R-2000iC/210 WE is right for your application.

Standard IP67 protection

The inside of the robot, e.g., the motors, are protected by covers that seal the machine and support the air-purge control. All internal services (cables, air pipes, etc.) are safely housed in a robust, flexible hose. The internal mechanical cable includes two airlines for easy integration with the End of Arm Tool (EOAT). External dress-out is simplified using the provided mounting provisions.


Robust and strong

With a maximum payload of 210kg, it can effortlessly withstand the high-pressure loads and incalculable forces occurring in the washing process, even over long periods of time. Furthermore, the reducers are oil-equipped and designed to withstand demanding application temperatures as well as mechanical stress.


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  • 6
  • 210 kg
  • 0.1 mm
  • Floor
  • 2450 mm