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Tablet Teach Pendant for Industrial Robots

FANUC’s new Tablet Teach Pendant (TP) offers customers a quick and easy way to program our extensive lineup of standard industrial robots. It features the same user-friendly features and intuitive functionality as our CRX Collaborative robots.

The new Tablet TP has a lightweight, ergonomic design that’s very comfortable to hold and easy to use whether you’re programming your first robot or have years of automation experience.

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Tablet Teach Pendant

Drag & Drop Programming

Creating a program for a FANUC robot is now easier than ever before and takes just a few minutes. Simply drag and drop your programming instructions on a timeline to program a robot, quickly teach points or create simple logic.

LR Mate 200iD with Teach Pendant

Easy Connectivity to Third-Party Devices

Quickly and easily connect your FANUC robot to peripheral devices such as FANUC approved End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), Accessories and Plugins.

mGrip 5 Finger Circular 07 sized
Funktionsschnitt P W FANUC ohne Legenden

Application Versatility

If your industry or application requires the strength and speed of one of our standard industrial robots, there’s zero learning curve for your on-site operators to switch from programming a cobot to an industrial robot.

Dual Arc Welding Laser guided

Familiar Functionality

The new Tablet TP for industrial robots offers the same functionality as our standard teach pendant including:

Tablet Teach Pendant

Customizable screens

Create your own HMI using the Tablet TP’s customization feature.

4D modeling

Highly realistic 4D graphics bring tool and frame settings, safety zones and robot paths to life.

4D Modeling
LR Mate Tablet Pendant

Smart functions

Easy operation including:

  • Graphical Tablet TP editor
  • Time saving direct access to two additional axes
  • Direct switch between motion groups
  • Multi-window display provides more information
  • Easy setup/modification of iRVision
  • USB connection for memory stick or mouse

Node maps

Visual representation of motion paths and program points along a node map makes understanding the robot’s path easy.

Visual jog

Confirms direction and distance of jogging quickly and conveniently using the 3D model.

Ensure Safety

Above everything else, operator safety is the most critical component of robot cell design. Creating a safe setup can be expensive though and have considerable implications regarding floor space. To resolve these two issues, FANUC provides a variety of intelligent safety solutions that keep costs and demands on floor space to a minimum, while keeping operators, robots and tooling extremely safe.

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