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Industrial robot options that empower you to do more

With more than 250 software functions for enhanced intelligence, motion, safety and productivity, plus a wide variety of high quality FANUC robot accessories, we give you the power to make your robots see, feel, learn and keep you safe. Dedicated functions, simple to use interfaces and exclusive features to simplify and standardize the programming, setup and operation of your robot make achieving this easy.

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Industrial Mobile Robots

Industrial mobile robots - robot or cobot arms mounted to an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) or Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) - provide manufacturers the flexibility to transfer the robot to work in multiple workstations.

Mobile Robots

Robotic Vision

FANUC iRVision is the ultimate solution for robotic guidance and inspection. Our suite of vision systems offers a wide range of capabilities from 3D orientation to color detection. All FANUC vision hardware is fully integrated for fast and easy setup and operation.

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Force Control

FANUC Force Sensors allow our robots the ability to sense applied force in multiple directions. Force sensitive tasks such as assembly, fitting and weighing applications as well as deburring and polishing can be automated with the highly sensitive force control achievable through this fully integrated intelligent option.

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FANUC's Collaborative robot technology means people and robots no longer need to be separated by safety barriers. Our collaborative line-up offers a wide range of reach, payload and easy to use features to suit any operation, without the need for expensive barriers.

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Virtual Programming

FANUC ROBOGUIDE is an outstanding offline programming and simulation software. Using FANUC Virtual Robot Controller Technology, realistic programs identical to those used in production can be created quickly and easily. Ideally suited to preparing programs in advance, ROBOGUIDE increases your productivity without the need to stop production.

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Zero Down Time

FANUC's Zero Down Time application (ZDT) is designed to eliminate down time and enhance overall robot performance. While FANUC robots are highly reliable, manufacturers still need a solution to maximize uptime.

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Line Tracking

Visual line tracking technology provides multiple robots with human-like eye-hand coordination skills, enabling them to measure, sort and pick loose parts on a moving conveyor using an integrated vision system. Line tracking is ideal for picking and packing operations.

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Motion Options

FANUC offers a wide range of motion options to enhance control and efficiency of complex automation systems. From simple one and two-axis positioners to servo controlled grippers, to servo weld guns, to systems requiring multiple FANUC servo motors, our controllers have the capability you need. FANUC has many motion options to increase your output and protect your equipment.

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Integrated Machining

Robot and CNC Integration is a complete package that simplifies the connection of a FANUC robot to a ROBODRILL, including setup, programming, and operation. Robot and CNC Integration makes it simple to automate a machine tending process by implementing a variety of standard components and options.

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Harsh Environments

Featuring motor covers, waterproof connectors, cable covers, coatings and stainless steel bolts and washers in exposed areas, the FANUC SDLP (Severe Dust and Liquid Protection ) package improves your robots' resistance to harsh, dusty or wash environments. The package also features IP56 protection on the main body and IP67 protection on the J3 arm and wrist unit.

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