Lorain County Community College Tackling the Skills Gap

Lorain County Community College, one of the 1,500 FANUC America partner schools, educates advanced automation students using the “Train Ohio Earn & Learn” method. The program has a work-study approach where students can continue to work their full-time jobs while learning new advanced automation skills. While designing the program, the faculty found FANUC was used overwhelmingly in the local area, so incorporated FANUC automation products to fully prepare their students for these in-demand jobs.

Hear more from students who are currently enrolled in the program as well as the people who are educating them to meet the advanced automation labor need.

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Kelly Zelesnik - Lorain County Community College

There’s a lot of demand for automation technicians and automation engineers in manufacturing. Students that have a degree in automation or a related field like robotics, they’re in high demand.

Kelly Zelesnik

Dean of Engineering Business and Information Technology