The Advanced Automation Graduate's Perspective

As a graduate of Ivy Tech – Fort Wayne, Ind.’s Advanced Automation & Robotics Program, Tiffany Gillison knows first-hand how employers are struggling to find skilled advanced automation workers. She fell in love with robotics while working in the industry and credits the knowledge she gained while at the school with advancing her career. However, the lack of skilled workers able to operate the advanced automation, she says, is the number one problem industry is having right now. Plus, she was acutely aware she was the only woman in her robotics classes and she wants more women to consider entering this field.

Hear more of Tiffany’s story and how she sees the extreme need for more skilled automation workers.

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Tiffany Gillison being interviewed with FANUC robot in the background

I was always the only female in every class I've ever went to. We can do it, too. We can STEM. We can be big in science and programming

Tiffany Gillison

Graduate, Ivy Tech