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Collaborative Robots

As technology continues to advance, there are increasingly more opportunities for robots to help increase productivity and profitability. Tasks that are highly customized or complex can create challenges that require the precision of a robot and the problem-solving skills of a person.

Experience More with Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots offer a wide range of opportunities including:

  • Picking, packaging, and palletizing
  • Dispensing
  • Automotive Machining and Assembly
  • Machine Tending and Part Inspection

Collaborative robots take over tedious, repetitive tasks, can lift up to 35kg, and successfully maintain your worker’s health and safety while automating a single process or an entire assembly line.

If introducing a collaborative robot into your manufacturing facility is on your radar, contact FANUC America today. Our team of experts will guide you in determining if a collaborative robot is the right choice to help you successfully and safely complete projects.

With this eBook, you'll learn:

  • How to identify tasks best suited for cobots
  • Steps for introducing cobots to your employees
  • Cobot safety requirements
  • How cobots can help save floor space
  • Tips for choosing the right model
  • New easy-to-use programming features

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