FANUC's 5 Tips to Lower Your CNC Maintenance Costs

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You might be looking to see if you can operate a little leaner and lower those steep maintenance costs. With FANUC’s factory automation support, we offer a number of great benefits that can help your bottom line and keep you running. 

Here are 5 things you can do now to cut your maintenance costs: 

1. Use FANUC’s lifetime maintenance technical support

Did you know FANUC CNC products come with technical phone support for LIFE at no charge during regular business hours? That’s right, free for life! This lifetime maintenance guarantee is the only one in the industry!

Plus, our support network is staffed with trained service engineers that have the knowledge to solve your problem. Our technical team will support any FANUC product, no matter when it was made or how difficult the problem is. Because we made the products, we’re the best option to get you answers fast. 

Speak with a FANUC Automation Expert today

“What other OEM can you call that will help you over the phone to try to fix the problem?” says Rick Giles, Director of Factory Automation Field Service. “FANUC CNC Technical Help will answer the phone in 60 seconds or less and you are actually talking to the OEM.” 

2. Get replacement parts as quick as possible

As much as you plan ahead and mitigate problems, sometimes there is an event. In your time of need, you need replacement parts as fast as possible to get you up and running and minimize downtime. That’s why FANUC offers emergency parts shipments. We have the largest inventory of new and refurbished replacements parts. Plus, we offer replacement parts for the life of your FANUC product. 

3. Talk to an experienced technical expert straight away

Help desks can sometimes be a frustrating experience. But with FANUC’s experienced team of agents, we ensure you get your problem solved. Our team members have an average of 13 years with FANUC. Not sure what the problem is exactly? Not a problem. 

“We receive roughly 8,000 calls and 5,000 emails a month, and that’s just service inquiries,” says Ed Hascup, Vice President of Factory Automation Service. “The majority of those requests for help, such as those experiencing machine tool problems and more, are resolved while the customer is on the phone.” 

That’s because our agents have been factory-trained and know the right questions to ask to get the answers you need.

4. Take advantage of our refurbished parts program

Buying refurbished parts can be a great way to cut costs over purchasing new. However, when buying these parts directly from FANUC, we offer a number of benefits. All of our refurbished parts have been reconditioned top to bottom by factory trained FANUC technicians. This process includes ensuring the parts meet the latest factory specifications as well as installing the latest updates at time of repair. 

“We’re not like a repair company that will just repair what’s bad,” says Hascup. “We’re fixing the problem plus putting everything back to specs.”

Plus, FANUC puts all of these parts through rigorous testing. Additionally, all of our refurbished parts carry the same one-year warranty as our new parts. 

5. Cut costs by exchanging FANUC parts

Have old FANUC circuit boards, units and/or motors? They could save you money on your next part order. If you return your old part to us when you purchase a new or refurbished replacement part, you can earn a credit towards the purchase price of your replacement part. FANUC will even cover the cost of shipping the old part back to the repair center (for parts up to 75 lbs.).

To lower your maintenance costs and keep them down, call us to talk with an experienced team member of FANUC CNC’s Service department. We can help you find what you need!

Contact FANUC America by phone at (888)-FANUC-US, e-mail us at [email protected], or log in to the customer portal for more information.