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CNC Reflection Studio

FANUC CNC Reflection Studio is a complete programming and simulation suite, offering program editing tools, G-code simulation, backplot and full-featured job setup. The advanced software uses machine models from machine tool builders or select CAM systems in addition to a virtualized FANUC CNC to create a digital twin. This provides powerful G-code and cutting simulation to boost machining and part programming efficiency by using the real CNC parameters and program.

G-Code Simulation Software
FANUC CNC Reflection Studio - Features and Benefits

Robust Programming

Test and edit programs with robust G-code editing tools that allow for easy modifications, replacements, comparisons and color coding for readability.

Powerful Machining Simulation

Uses the G-code program or the actual CNC parameters (using FANUC CNC Guide) for simulation. Prove-out programs using the machine layout and kinematics; simulate the tool path backplot, material removal and machine motion.

Complete Job Setup

Machine, tooling, fixtures, offset, part blanks and cut stock models can all be setup for every project.

CNC Connectivity

Operators have full visibility of the cutting process in real time when running the software at the machine tool.

Seamless Program Management

Upload and download programs to the CNC over Ethernet.

Virtual Commissioning

Accurately prove the machine’s real-world behavior and program processing.

Easy CAM Integration

Import and test posted programs from CAM systems, share machine models and job setup information from select CAM systems.

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Create, troubleshooting and edit complex programs while quickly simulating the cutting process.


Job Setup

Verify and optimize the job setup.



See how the machine will process the program in the real world.


G-Code Simulation

CNC and machine digital twins provide full machining simulation.