Case Study

FANUC CNCs & Robots Power Advanced Machining at Vickers Engineering

Vickers Engineering has leveraged automation to enhance their processes and become a competitive powerhouse in the precision machining industry.


  • Improve quality and efficiency of production
  • Stay competitive and encourage company growth
  • Attract younger, tech-inclined workers


  • Better production quality

  • Improved product flow

  • A faster, more predictable, cheaper production process

  • More competitive global presence



Though they were initially intimidated by automation, Vickers Engineering began adopting this technology when they saw that it would be essential for their continued growth. By adding robotic cells to their production process, Vickers Engineering has increased their productivity, enhanced the quality of their operations, and attracted younger workers. With automation and robotics, Vickers has been able to grow from 80 to over 200 employees and become a competitor in the global market.

Matt Tyler

With automation, we are now the most competitive in the country and now in the world. Quite frankly, we feel that manufacturers that aren’t automating some of their processes at the very least are going to fall behind. There’s a lot more room for us to grow with this automation process, and we’re looking forward to it.

Matt Tyler

President & CEO
Vickers Engineering

About Vickers Engineering

Founded in 1970, Vickers Engineering has established itself as a world-class precision machining company, offering manufacturing services in three categories: mass production, low volume production, and prototyping. Since integrating automation into their operations, Vickers has grown exponentially to provide precision machining services to companies around the world in industries ranging from agriculture and energy to automotive and military. 

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