Case Study

Last Arrow Increases Profits & Employee Satisfaction with Cobot Welding

With the integration of welding cobots from FANUC, Last Arrow Manufacturing has achieved higher profits, improved employee satisfaction, and more flexibility in their production.


  • Automate simple, repetitive tasks without detracting from quality
  • Free up skilled welders for more complex projects
  • Stay flexible enough to change processes as needed


  • Improved flexibility

  • Higher profits

  • Increased employee satisfaction



Last Arrow Manufacturing, an Ohio-based contract manufacturer, needed a flexible automated solution to take on simple and repetitive welding projects to free up their skilled welders to do jobs that required more expertise. After trying a variety of automation options, they chose the FANUC CRX welding cobot and haven’t looked back.

Since implementing cobots, Last Arrow has experienced a very quick uptick in business, increased productivity, a high level of employee satisfaction, improved flexibility, and higher profits.

It’s the easiest programming I’ve ever done, and I’ve got over 20 years of experience in robotic programming. This is the most user-friendly tablet I’ve ever used.

Scott Musser

Lead Programmer
Matt Bowling – Last Arrow Manufacturing

We’ve never really had a solution for our type of business, and our type of business has constant changeover. We don’t have high production parts, and we need the ability to consistently change our process here and be flexible in what we do.

Matt Bowling


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Last Arrow Manufacturing

About Last Arrow Manufacturing

For more than 10 years, Last Arrow Manufacturing has specialized in metal fabrication, with expertise in laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, powder coating, and more. Their team of skilled craftsmen has the experience and knowledge to work with a variety of materials and provide low-risk, cost-effective service to their customers. Last Arrow is proud to provide expert metalworking services with a focus on precision, timeliness, and quality control. 

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