Case Study

Bourn & Koch

Bourn & Koch simplifies their engineering with FANUC controls for the standardized and streamlined operation of their machines.


  • Find one solution to work with multiple machines of varying control complexities
  • Simplify machine interfaces for programming ease


  • Standardization of machine controls

  • Simplification of controls engineering

  • Development of HMI for Blanchard grinders

  • Internet-enabled machine analysis

  • Custom features and solutions



As a leading provider of machine tools, Bourn & Koch needed a simplified way to control and program their various machines to maximize their potential to design and manufacture machine tool solutions. The integration of FANUC controls has allowed Bourn & Koch to standardize use of their machines for optimal efficiency and throughput.

Partnering with FANUC has proven to be fruitful over time, as well. Whenever Bourn & Koch needs a custom solution or requests a new feature, the FANUC team is always responsive to their needs and ready to take on the challenge.

There are times when we need to go to FANUC and come up with a new feature request, and they’re very responsive to that, and they’ve always come through for us.

Terry Derrico

Peter Mischler – Bourn & Koch

Having a single platform has really simplified my controls engineering.

Peter Mischler

Engineering Manager

FANUC Products Used

About Bourn & Koch

Bourn & Koch

Founded in 1975 as a machine tool retrofitter, Bourn & Koch is now a machine tool company offering a standard line of new machine tools they design and produce themselves. They own 28 machine tool companies and draw on 2500 years of engineering with the intention of updating the designs from acquired companies and updating them for the future.

Bourn & Koch specializes in engineering custom machine tools to solve the unique problems of their customers.

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