Case Study


Electroimpact partnered with FANUC to propel Automated Fiber Placement forward and transform the aerospace industry.


  • Meet the evolving needs of the aerospace industry
  • Achieve very high acceleration and dynamic machines for aerospace manufacturing
  • Ensure consistent reliability; the stakes are high!


  • High-Speed Machines

  • Unmatched Reliability

  • Progress Within the Entire Industry



In the aerospace industry, speed and reliability are of the utmost importance. Electroimpact’s relationship with FANUC began in 2004 when they were tasked with figuring out fiber placement. At that time, there was no interpolating of outputs with respect to CNC motion, but FANUC allowed Electroimpact an inroad so they could code that interface themselves. Because of this, Electroimapct was enabled to push the entire Automated Fiber Placement industry forward.

Todd Rudberg – Electroimpact

We’ve had great success with their equipment. It's really reliable. I like working with the engineers in Japan and the local engineers in America. Without that relationship with FANUC, we probably wouldn’t have been able to drag this industry forward.

Todd Rudberg

AFP Project Manager

About Electroimpact


Electroimpact serves aerospace companies like Boeing, Airbus, Spirit, and more. Their team of four hundred to five hundred engineers use the equipment to automate the assembly of aircraft parts for their many customers. 

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